Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcoming 2010

Its already the 31st of December, 2009. Time flies eh..

Hmm. Lets see.. I loitered around till it was July when I finally started enrolling myself in college, hanging out with friends, spent I-don't-know how much, got my driver's license, so on and so forth.. It has been a year of fun-filled joy and laughter! Now its all coming to an end.

My new year resolution? Still on it actually, I mean thinking of it. Have not concluded, but will be concluding before the clock strikes midnight tonight..

Will be off to Sunway for the New Year's countdown.. Bet it'll be chaotic, with over-crowded streets and limitless supplies of snow sprays. Tonight's gonna be the night!!

God bless us all. Adieu, 2009. =)

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well, parents and my 2 brothers are currently in Vietnam.. And my 1st week of holidays just passed.. New year's coming, Christmas just ended, and once school reopens I'll be loaded with assignments again, sigh..

Went for Christmas countdown at Jalan Bukit Bintang. Policemen were on sight too, trying to ease traffic flow. Hah, they got so pissed watching us playing snow sprays, spraying whichever cars that passed by. There was a short fireworks display, a band performing Christmas carols, and lots of people playing snow sprays. Wonderful! It was my first countdown anyway, haven't been to a countdown before this. Probably will go for New Year's countdown as well, venue's not decided, yet.

Will be leaving for Langkawi Island in like, an hour or so, flight's at 8.05am. Heh.. Messed up my sleeping hours like mad.. And I'm feeling hungry!

Aahh! Avatar was so good! I'm not sure whether they explained thoroughly about the fact that they had to excavate this precious stone from Pandora and the uses of it, but yea, overall it was good. Very good. It was 2 hours and 45 minutes long, which was soo worth watching! Go watch it if you have the time. x)

Off to showers, Langkawi, here I come!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Aaaahh! x)

Exams just ended!! Well it ended on Wednesday. Heh.. Exam was good.. Second semester starts like next week. Ugh, foundation.. Timetable is out! Will be having class like 6 days a week.. Sheesh.

Going to celebrate friend's birthday tomorrow, then probably watch Twilight on Saturday.. Hmm.. Public holidays rocks! x)

And oh, recommend songs for me to play on the guitar! Cause I ran out of songs to learn. Heh.. Learnt too many songs.. Well I guess that its a good thing.

Will be going for a trip with my friends to Langkawi Island, again, the day after Christmas.. My holidays will start like on the 21st of December, which will only last for like, 2 weeks or so? And all my foreign friends will go back to their country.. Ugh. Plus my family would most probably go to Vietnam for vacations, and that I don't think that I'll be able to join them cause of the hectic plans and all. Sad..

Well, that's that. =D

Aaaahh! x)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ahh.. I'm having exams at the moment. Good news is it'll end on Wednesday! Wont be updating, wait, I haven't been updating! There weren't anything to blog about anyway, so yea. x) Till then, see yaah!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy 18th!

Ahh.. Well, not exactly one of the best birthdays I've ever had, but it was splendid!

First of, I had seafood 2 nights in a row, and have not been working out since Thursday. Feeling extremely guilty now. Hehe! But still, I love food, so no harm done.

Ughh.. On the 6th, after my birthday celebration, I sent my friend, who lives in Cheras, Alam Damai, home. Who knew that there was a police road block just 3 minutes away from his house.. Darn luck. The car was overloaded, with just 1 extra person.. What a lucky night. Was asked to wait by the roadside, gave him to see my Ic and license, and he was asking me where I came from, cause I don't speak malay like, normal Malaysians do.. I told him I was having this birthday celebration, and that I was sending him home after that..

Cool right, to be caught in that situation.. Fortunately for me I wasn't issued a ticket, but a warning instead.. You know, being me, influential and persuasive talking and all. =P

Second thing was, that night itself, I stayed over at my friend's house in Savanna condominium.. The very next day, I planned another dinner with my smk friends. Before leaving Savanna, I found my car clamped in the parking lot. I was like, screw, what a bummer.. My birthday gift eh.. Had to fork out another Rm50 just to unclamp the car.. Awesome.

Went home, saw mom, talked to her for a while and all.. Haven't been staying at home for quite some time now.. Been so busy since Thursday.. Dad's not home to celebrate birthday with us, but still, its all good cause dad took us out for dinner the week before. Love ya mom and dad!

Ugh, pictures are still not uploaded.. I'm beginning to wonder what my friend is doing, the photographer. =P

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ugh. All American Reject's concert was good. It was my first concert though. Heh.. It was conducted outdoor, which was at the bukit jalil stadium's car park. It drizzled a little, people were smoking all over. Malay guys were chicken-fighting too. Well, basically it was just a group of guys, forming up in a small circle and push 2 guys in and out of the circle. It was very, agitating. Had to ridiculously wait for half an hour for the AAR to get their musical instruments ready.. Saw Ean and Natalie from, and some local bands. They all did good though. Msia boleh!

Had dinner with parents last night. It was splendid! Though I didn't eat steak, but still, it was good! Went to Jake's Charbroiled Steakhouse at Damansara.. Then headed down to my uncle's place to tour his new house. It was a nice house! All he needs now is a gardener to manage the frontyard. Heh..

Will be having a mini test this Friday. Screeww! Plus its 3-5pm! I soo wish that I could skip it.. But ugh, it contributes to the final results, so yea.. Disappointing. He had to conduct it on the 6th, the 6th!! Don't know if I'll be having other plans or not, cause half of the day will be spent in college. Sighhh.. Whatever. =(

Anyway, progression with the guitar is going good. Exam's on the 23rd-25th. 2nd semester's around the corner, and another trip to Pulau Langkawi in December! Don't know if I can go to Vietnam with my family though. Hopefully we'll be given at least a week off. Ugh, foundation programme is just so cramming..

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Back to guitaring! =D

Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Just had my haircut! Awesome! Went to A Cut Above earlier on, had Daphne to get the hair done. My usual stylist. She got promoted. Heh..

Hmm, brother's watching Borat in front of me. Odd.. Finished one of the many assignments, 2 assignments left to complete.. Megasale is coming! Mom's asking me to spend, again, odd..

Crap. Don't even know what to write.. Ugh.. Well, MU lost to Liverpool 0-2, that's one surprise. I'll just play the guitar.. Pretty bored now. x)

Friday, October 23, 2009

What a day..

Aah. What was supposed to be the best week of the month just had to be ruined by a day of unfortunate chained of events.

Okay, good news first. Dad surprised the family by getting this 50' Plasma Tv, and a Blu-Ray player as well. He just love surprising us all, just like the way he surprised us with his Audi. Then dad approved of me to buy a laptop, which was also surprising. Oh well, times are good.

Hmm.. Well what happened was during basketball earlier today, a friend of mine lost his balance and knocked his head against my lips. It bled, but he wasn't to be blamed.. After all that, we decided to have dinner.. I was pretty upset when I had to cram 7 people in my car, which was what started everything. Was driving in a bad crawl, cut into a lane and got honked [ =.= ], then I accidentally rammed into a truck, but the damage wasn't obvious thank God, but still, I was pretty frustrated.

Ever felt like you've been used, just because you have a driver's license? Hmm.. Everything is just, screwed.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Where are you when I need you the most..?

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yeeaaaah! Imagine driving in a car, with 4 friends winding down the windows and screaming at random people as we drove past them in the middle of the night. Cool! But not to the extent where I get chased and beaten up by people of course, but it was cool. Was racing in broad daylight around college, very nice indeed.

Heh, Multi Cultural Night was awesome. Punjabis were dancing the floor off! Talked to this other model, but couldn't find her for a picture session after the modelling thing was done. Whaaat a waste, ugh.. But anyway, pictures are up in facebook, not much taken though.. And oh, the runway walk was taken in a video, so yea. Heh.. It was unexpectedly better than all my previous practice.. Sexaay!

Oh, watch FarCry! It's good in a sense that, well, its just good. Heh.. Been busy with assignments and all, eating so much that I think that I'm gaining weight. Mmm..

Anyway, I'm off to the showers. Hotel California~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hmm, okay. So let me get things straight.

I basically made a deal with a friend of mine, and that we shouldn't be breaking that vow we made to each other. Yea, unfortunately, that person haaaad to tell the whole world, and now people are having different perspective of me. Okay, that's fine. I'll live with it, even if the other person couldn't. Anyway, its okay if you don't talk to me, continue ignoring me, it's, my fault after all. I wasn't thinking straight.. Sorry for disappointing you then..

Right.. What a week. Much has happened, much damage has been inflicted. I keep telling myself that I deserve this, what goes around comes around.. Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. Pfft, so much for being 17.

Ugh, Multicultural Night will be held on the 2nd of October, this Friday.. Haven't got my catwalk done yet, crap.. I know, it sounds gay, but whatever x)

Assignments, almost done! Drama, just started, and another assignment will be given to us this Friday. Heh, what a week huh.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Winson Yeoh! Happy 18th actually. God bless!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Yea, it has been quite some time since I last updated my blog. Have been busy lately, plus all the hectic schedules and all.

Well, I had one week of semester break. Most of my friends went back to their country, so I was pretty much left alone to spend the holidays to myself. Received a last minute invitation to Ipoh, literally, a last minute call. Stayed for 4 days and 3 nights, ate so much that I feel like Jumbo the elephant right now.. Ugh, been missing gym for a week now.

Butt sore! Hiked Bukit Klembang.. 7.5km to the peak, and another 7.5km downhill.. Reached the bottom of the hill like, at 8.15pm.. 2 of my friends couldn't keep up, so they decided to stop at the 3rd kilometer-mark. It took us another hour and 15 minutes to reach the top from where they were left off. The worst was that they left their personal belongings with us, handphones wallet water etc.. They were literally left without anything. Hah! Plus we were the last to finish the hike.. It was sort of cool. Keren! I want to do hikings again! Mount Kinabalu!

Uhh, college's starting on Monday.. Will be modelling for the school's event, in my Filipino traditional Barong Tagalog. Its more of a wedding suit for males, weaved from pineapple fibres. Cool!

Anyway, that's about it. Want to practice playing my guitar. Heh.. x)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I was told to not show my feelings, to not be all that a guy shouldn't be. Now that everything's gone wrong, what am I to be?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hmm.. A job that makes a person richer than any Malaysian Perdana Menteris ( Presidents), if worked over a period of 20 years, would be the workers working in Toll Plazas. They're the dumbest, worse than a garbage collector, yet they make more money than them. Proof?

I was heading home late this evening after gymming. It was at the very end of rush hour. Lesser cars were cruising on the roads and the Toll Plaza workers are exhausted by counting money, of 5 cents up to Rm100 notes. It was eventually my turn, well, the queue wasn't long, so yeah. I had coins grasped in my palms, ready to be given to the money-counting idiot. It was exactly Rm1.60, no more, no less. It came in a form of - [5 cents, 10 cents, and 20 cents] It was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Rm1.60. I counted them myself over and over again, making sure that it is Rm1.60. Heck yeah it was =.= But she said it was short of 20 cents. [ Matilah saja kamu, sudah berbau tanah, digali lagi lubang tiduranmu di kuburan bersebelahan longkang rumah Samy Velu ]

I didn't get enough sleep, so yeah, I was very frustrated, very exhausted and all the tiring words you can come up with. My week's going to be really packed.. Ahh..

What a date, 09-09-09.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Mmmph. Wut a rough day.. Went to sunway for 11 hours, and i'm still not home. Heh.. Blogging at my fren's house now. We're actually planning on watching the sunrise.. Cool!

Today was unexpected. Everything was.. Met new people and all, had a really awkward ice breaking session, things like that. Anyway, I'll get used to it, hopefully.

Sunday, another day at home. Its going to be a long one anyway, I've been out and staying awake till now. I miss playing the guitar now. Ahh.. Yea, boring post eh.. Just finding a way burn off time, I just happen to have lots of it now. Heh.. Friends are all trying to sleep behind me. Wonder what will the security guard's reaction be when I go out of this place late in the afternoon. Heh, cool!

Ferrari California <3

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ahh, when everyone else has their license, their car, and definitely no class tomorrow, why are there no plans to celebrate Merdeka tonight?! Say, who's up for countdown in Merdeka Square? Or Times Square.. Hmm..

Come on people, ask me out, ask me out!!

No Merdeka spirit....?

52 years since the day we had our first independance. As the years go by, one after another, people nowadays don't seem to be appreciating what was given to us 52 years ago. I see lesser cars having that mini-Malaysian flags on top of their car-roof, lesser flag poles where we used to be able to spot every 500 metres from the first one, less than 5 buildings with the Malaysian flag proudly hung onto the roof, so on and so forth.. 52 years of freedom, and people are already taking it for granted. Remember the days when Mahathir used to be the limelight of Malaysia? Independance Day was never as dull as this year. Yes Najib! You're doing a verrryy good job! The 47th Independance day was probably the most flourished, lavished one I can ever think of. Screw the government. =)

Enough said.

Anyway, I skipped class for the first time. Fell sick, viral infection. Yet miraculously recovered within a day! Hmm.. The last time I had this sickness, it lasted for a week or more. Maybe its the only sickness I'm prone to eh...

So Vicknesh's party was, quite that of a blast. Couldn't enjoy myself cause of the post-sickness symptoms, like headache, joint pains and all. Anyway, its good to be reunited with a couple of old friends.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Aaaaaa. Regular day - College, gym, got stuck in traffic on the way home, and here I am. x) Ahh.. I got called up in the middle of the night by Micheal Bonamutial!! Lol, he's a friend from college, an immigrant from Indonesia. Hehehehe.. Crazy guy who had practically 200 million people to call, but he called me instead. How unfortunate eh.. Anyway, he made a 30-minute long video to be dedicated to his special someone. Hehe.. Lucky girl.. The video was nice, mixture of sexy,romantic songs and things like that.. How creative huh.. I'm impressed. Hehe..

This is how he looks like!!
Right... Dad's flight got delayed, so he'll be coming back tomorrow. He doesn't quite like me being skinny and all.. =( So I have to put on more weight. Heh.. I'll do my best. x)
Yoohh! Will be watching ' I love you Beth Cooper ' tomorrow, at midvalley, hopefully. Hehe.. I want to go Padini sales!! 70%, in ioi.. Argh! Tempting.. Something's wrong with my Proton now.. Engine's becoming gay. Hehe..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Of desperate measures.

Alright alright, I'll update. Geesh! Heh.. I've been told to update my blog over and over again. The thing is, I just don't have anything to share, yet! Plus I'm packed with my things to do and all. Hehe.. You know, college. =)

Malaysia's Independance Day is 7 days away. And I think I lost count of Malaysia's age. Hehe.. I know, patriotic much? Hehe! Secondary schools are having their semester break, while I have to wake up early every morning and dreadfully drag myself down tCrazy eh? o college.. I was late today, cuz I overslept. Turned off the alarm and continued sleeping till 8am.. I just rock don't I? =P Hmm.. Still thinking on whether or not to go to Penang with my collegemates this weekend.. Anyone knows how to deal with low-budget accomodations and stuff like that? Hehe..
I was told to write an essay in class earlier today. They gave me an hour to write an essay with a minimum of 250 words. I took 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete it.. Some friend of mine wrote only 72 words, and he calls it an essay. How cool is that?! Anyway, here's a family picture of us :

I think one or two is/are missing.. Kaveethren isn't in. Hmm..

Right.. I gained 0.5kgs, finally. Hehe.. Despite eating like a glutton.. =P Anyywaaaayyy, Merdeka! Selamat Ulang Tahun ke-?? Malaysia! I really don't know how old Malaysia is anyway. Hehe! God bless me x)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

x) Fever!

Ahh, 3 weeks into college! Time really flies. Heh.. Anyway, I don't have anything to blog about lately, cause all I've been doing is go to college and gym.. Except for the late friday nights that is. Hehe.. Other than that, yeah, and collegemates are all over the word - Gay. Yeah, I started using that word, and, you know, it spreaded like H1N1, a mere pandemic. x)

Hah! After weeks of consideration and loonnnggg dreadful decision-making moments, I finally decided to go for this new look, for my car.. Its called facelifting. x)

The front view

The rear view

Well, I'll be doing it later this week.. Heh.. Hopefully things turn out well. x)
Will be watching District 9 with friends, again. Ahh.. Whatever x)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Heh.. I was telling myself, I keep going to gym, but I don't seem to be growing anymore. But then, this guy at gym introduced me to an ex-Mr.Malaysia. Well, he gave good advices.. He speaks fluent english too! Well I was surprised because he didn't look like he can speak english at all! But yea, every successful dude speaks fluent english. Heh..

Anyway, there are many things that I want to learn. Namely, guitaring! And sewing, gardening.. Perhaps, perhaps, babysitting! Hehe! Equal rights okay. Guys can do whatever girls do, and girls can do whatever guys do. Did my first sewing tryout! It was, well, okay. Heh.. Considering the fact that I never did anything related to embroidery.

Yeeha! Collegemates will be teaching me to play the guitar <3 Oh guitar.. Picture this - Me, strumming my guitar on top of a tree/on top of my car, to my 'someone'. Haha! Hey, someone can be anyone. It could be a guy, I mean, if you want it that way. Hehe! Picture me strumming the guitar 6 months from now, singing like Micheal Learns to Rock! Or Jason Mraz, or Adam Lambert. Heh.. Anyway, we'll be playing basketball tomorrow, just for the sake of having fun. Haha..

3rd week into college and it just feels as if I've been in college for, as long as I've been in secondary high. Its just, awesome!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Ahh, okay. So, comparatively, G.I Joe is not as good as The Proposal. The cinematographies in G.I Joe was too fast paced and waaay too futuristic. Not quite that of my favourite types of movies, but yeah, it was okay, overall. G.I Joe was around 2 hours long? Its quite long for a show, but it wasn't brief enough. So it wasn't enjoyable. And oh, there'll be a second sequel to it. Heh..

The Proposal was good! I love the main actor <3 But I don't know his real name.. Hmm, sad. Anyway, the touchy parts of the movie made my eyes wet. Yesss, I teared up, but tears did not roll down my cheeks. Its different. Heh..

Now, who wants to watch Ghost of Girlfriends Past with me?! =D
*Note : Strictly for sensitive people only!* Hehe!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Cathy Nguyen! Love at first sight.

Credit goes to Marilyn Ting Sze Cian, for bringing her in my life. LOL! <3

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hah. It has been quite a while since I last updated my blog. Well, I started college, that was one of the million reasons why. College was fun, heh. The first day of studying in college, and I already skipped a class. It was, unintentional.

We were told to form a group of 5 today, ended up having 6 people in my group. Then we selected a leader. Guess who? Yeah. My friend from Sri Lanka, but raised in Dubai, said :

Hammad : Matt, you be the leader.
Me : What?? Why me?
Hammad : Cause you're cool.

Lol, okay. Since the rest of the group didn't want to, you know, willingly become the leader, so why not? Heh. And we named our group APE, which stands for Asia Pacific Eagerbeavers. Lol.. I know, I rock. Hehe!

I was chatting last night when my friends started to tease another friend of mine. He got so fed up, and his trend was to NOT use vulgarities AT ALL. So he came up with this, "Stop talking the fish chatting." Heh, I shall not reveal his full name, but he goes with the name Ccs, in short.

Hmm, come to think of it, quotes are sexy. I saw this fan in gym, and I thought, "If a rolling stone gathers no moss, why does a spinning fan gathers dust?" Heh.. Just a random thing. =D

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fariq's Story!

Yeah, since Fariq and Adrian's blog isn't that much viewed now, I'll be of his aid and promote what their blog has to offer. But beforehand, this is their link.

Well, I'll be translating Fariq's creative piece of essay from BM into English, firstly, just for the fun of it, and secondly, to show the world that even dumb guys have fantastically creative brains. *I'm not referring to Fariq* LOL. Also, please note that : There are vulgarities, cause mainly its Fariq's work. Don't get me wrong k. I'm just the translator. =D

OMG Nah, I decided not to publish it. Its just so, wrong. Hah.. After typing for more than 20 minutes and squeezing my brain juice down the drain, I decided not to. Anyway, do visit their blog and read Fariq's posts. Its in malay, so yeah. Enjoy =D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Ahhh. Today was the worst day of the week. I mean physically. College was tiring. The first week itself was tiring, and its only orientation. What's going to happen when I get my semester schedule? I'm sitting here, staring at the screen, squeezing my brain juice off while my eyes are partially closed. Yes, I am, very tired. Anyway college was fun. Had ice breakers today, we were seperated in groups of 10, and we were assigned to build a tower, inspired by famous towers and, our very own creativity. We were one of the creative ones though, but our tower wasn't strong enough, so we didn't make it through the tower-strength test. Heh.. Anyway, I get to meet people, really cool people. Oh by the way, the dudes Kazakhstan are quite good looking. Really! Now, who wants their contact number? =P

Well, I dug out my piggie bank cuz money was overflowing from where coins were supposed to go in. So yeah, going to exchange for cash the next time I visit the bank. Don't know how much I have there =P I'm rich now I'm rich! Heh.. I only emptied the 10cents and 20cent one.. The ones where I stored only 50cents coins didn't overflow yet, so I'll just store it. Plus I love 50cents. Anyway, this is how much I've saved over, umm, I don't really know how long, but yeah. =P

Rm xxx.xx =DD

Sunday, July 26, 2009

And so my life continues..

Tomorrow's another big day, 27th of July 2009, lol. The day that marks the commencement of a new adventure - COLLEGE. Whatever, haha. The thing is, 70% of this month's intake will consist of, well, foreigners. I'm in the minorities, as always. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. My orientation will last for 2 weeks, and the real deal will start the week right after. Boy time really flies when you're enjoying eh.

Today marks the last day of my holidays. The long, seemingly endless holiday at a point, eventually came to an end. And I'll be sleeping early, waking up early, doing exactly what I've been doing since I first went to school. Ahh, sure, I'm going to enjoy what lies ahead of me.

Dad's coming home from Vietnam today, and will be going off to India tomorrow. Lol, he's like, never home. Wont complain much cause I know what he does, he does it for all of us. Mm.. Whenever I stumble upon obstacles in life, Lola, my grandmother on my mother's side, is the only one I can talk to. Its more like talking to a wall you see. She left too early, too early for me to even get to know her. Vivid memories of her and me, playing in our old house in Sri Muda, that's, all that is left in me.

God, make me stronger.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Hmm, what's going to happen to a fly, when you stick it to the end of a hairdryer? Hmm..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Patriotic, eh?

So I read the newspaper, Sunday's edition. I saw and read a page on Najib, and his religious visit to Mecca. Well, he was in this white robe, which, made him look so gay, no offense, but please, do understand why, cuz I'm about to tell you why. =D

The thing was, remember the 1st soccer match between Malaysia XI and Manchester United? It ended with a score of 2-3. Malaysia lost. Well, Najib couldn't watch that match due to his religious visit in Mecca. When he found out that Malaysia was narrowly beaten by his favourite team, MU, he actually said something that upsetted me, "Oh, we were that close? 3-2? I thought we lost 0-6" Okay, being a Prime Minister, is that what you want the WHOLE of Malaysia to read what you just said? Where's your patriotic spirit you undeserving PM? At least, learn to lie la.. Despite having an ever-so-deteriorating quality of soccer standards in Malaysia, still, it doesn't give him the rights to publicly make that statement. I, on behalf of all the soccer players of Malaysia XI, would like to thank you la, thank you so much Najib, for humiliating Malaysia XI in front of your whole nation.

I'm hoping that the ISA wont arrest me for this. =P Anyway, it's so true. I'm not supporting MU anymore. Oh, come to think of it, I've never supported them anyway. Hmm.. Malaysia Boleh! Now, I deserve to be the PM more than 'he' does, right? At least I know how to lie to my nation. =P

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Makes sense?

Okay. So if someone knows how to read mandarin words, can that person not be able to speak mandarin? I stumbled across this really weird friend of mine, where she thought that I couldn't speak mandarin. Okay, I told her I was from a chinese primary school, and that I typed mandarin characters to prove it to her, but still, she asked me this :"Do you speak mandarin?" Followed by this emoticon o_o Lol!

So if I write english, will I not be able to speak english? That does not make sense right. Well well, weird people tend to revolve around me eh. Hmm.. =P

Monday, July 20, 2009

What's wrong, and what's right?

Well, I'm baffled by the way girls take advantage/making use of the situation when it comes to having a boyfriend. What girls expect a guy to do :
-Bring her out for romantic dinners
-Take her out on an unforgettable date
-Take her out for movies
-Go for a vacation together, eg. Italy/France/England
-Pick her up for any possible outings/date

Well, there's just too many. The thing is, why should the guys pay for everything? Does that make them a better boyfriend? Yea, I know why, I know what a guy is supposed to do, but why do the girls go overboard? Its like an addiction, sooner or later, it becomes a habit. When a guy don't take a girl out for a date, due to whatever reasons, most commonly financial issues, the girl goes : "What, you used to take me out every night and now?" Lol fine, call me judgemental. Just that I really can't see what's gotten into their heads. I asked a friend of mine, a girl, on whether she's going for her school's prom. This was the convo :

Girl replied : Yeah, if a guy asked me to it.
Me : Oh, okay. So, are your friends going with you?
Girl : Umm, don't think so.. We don't have boyfriends to pay for our tickets.

Lol, you know, being me, I just couldn't stand it. It's not stated in the bible that a guy should pay for a girl, nor have I seen any rules like that in books. Its just the state of mind. Yes, I would pay for my girl's bill. But that all depends. If she's considerate, she'll go dutch. Otherwise, don't bother of being my girlfriend.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Life, and 8 months of holidays.

Well, the fact that I've been bumming around at home for 8 months is pretty much true, and ppl always ask me the same question, : " So which college do you go to? " Well, my answers on the other hand, never fails no surprise people. Yes yes, I'm a bummer. =D

So okay. I actually liked Harry Potter more than any other movies I've watched over the past few months. Why? Cuz the story line here is a lil clearer than the ones before this, and I liked the romance part =P Ahh, anyway, its recommended by me, if you insist in watching a time/money worthy movie. Obsessed is good too. I'm sure you know what the movie is about - An infatuation of a woman towards a guy who never had feelings for her. =)

Uh, and last night, I went to Asia cafe to meet up with my friends before watching Harry Potter. The thing was, one of the pondans there purposely swept his hands across my butt. I was like, omg... A gay dude just touched me.. Okay whatever. Its humiliating. I never want to know what being raped feels like. It'll just hurt deep down to the bottommost of one's soul. So guys, don't rape. =D

Anyway, when I got home and entered the toilet, I saw this :

A scarily huge + agile, err, Lipan, thats what they call it in BM.
Oh well, time for lunch. I've been starving since I got home last night. Didn't get to eat supper.. Popcorn's not counted!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Prom pictures!

Ohhh okay.. So here's how prom went. It was, fabulous! JJ from was there, and another female host I think, she's from 8tv Quickie? Yea.. Dinner was fantastic, apart from the Shark Fin soup, but the rest were good.. Loved the fried rice! Well, picture time. =D

Staring in awe at the elephants bottom! =D

Carol Tan and Denise. James and my companion. =D

Carol and Me, taken in the lobby..

Chua Pui Mun and Sim Jun Yang. Awh, brings back old memories. =D

Yam Wei Xian and Siow Chong Xin.

James and his companion, Denise.

Me and my companion, Carol.

James doing what he does best, imitating postures of statues. Haha

Minding our own businesses. It was an act k. =P
So yea.. There were more actually, but I posted up the best ones, cuz the rest were kinda blur.. Prom was good. =D I'd go to another one if I'm given the chance to. Hehe..

Friday, July 17, 2009


Ohhkay. I'm all set and ready to go.

Prom, here I come! =D

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've an embarassing confession, lol. I accidentally drank someone else's water in gym. Omg pfft bluerkk. Ahh, still don't know whether he saw me drinking his water. Aahhh, so embarassed. Lol..

Anyway, the big night's finally coming, in less than 24 hours. Ahh.. All's set and ready to go.. Will post the pics on saturday night. =D Gotta shower for now, dinner, then spend the midnight with my friends, after a week long without going out at midnight. =D I know, I've been a good boy.


Lol, and I'm feeling alot better? Hmm.. Still wondering though.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


'When donkeys rule the country, donkey things happen', quoted by one of my cousin's English teacher. She's an indian woman. Well well, looks like many of us are against the plan to revert the use of BM in subjects like science and maths huh. Government's just stupid, they're implementing this 'idea' of theirs in 2012, and planning to use english while teaching 'pendidikan seni'? Whatever it is, they're cutting down PJK's period to either 1 period, or just 45 minutes. Where's the fun of working out with a bunch of friends and being silly?

Government is being irrationally irradical. If I were to be Najib, I'd sack the education ministry. Personally babeh, personally. I'm lucky to be out of school, or should I say, the unlucky ones are those in form 1. Or wait, the batches in 2012...? Hmm.. Whatever it is, donkeys rule our government. Sad case..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Lol, I have a friend who hates indians and malays, but not racist to his own race. He's a chinese. Well, if you get an indian man and a malay woman to get married and raise a kid, a boy, well, you get Fariq. So yea, its like a math's equation. You take a negative number and multiply it with another negative number, you get a positive answer. And Fariq's the positive answer, that malay boy with a 9.6 mark on Magualina's hotty scale. Lol! =D

Hmm, I was driving to my bro's gym to pick him and his friends up. On the way there, you know Shah Alam well right, a place where jam is part and parcel of life, well, the thing was, traffic police were scattered all over Shah Alam to smoothen traffic flow. Anyway, one of them really pissed me off lo..? He's a malay dude. Umm, he actually nagged/scolded and stared at me, waving his hands cause I was driving, well, slow? What on earth? Who on earth gave him the rights to stare and nag at me? First you can't drive fast, now you can't drive slow? All the more reasons to put another speed limit, 'No driving below 40km/h'. Lousy traffic police. What, your mom ditched you, wife deserted you, kids kahwin lari? Or maybe he's been working as a traffic police for 250million years and never got promoted, and maybe got demoted instead. Well, serves him right. I should've confronted him, but traffic was too bad for me to park my car anywhere. Yea, I know right, piss me off.. Ciss. And they eat our money via taxes.

*Note to readers* When you're interested in being a policeman/woman or a traffic police, don't. You eat my tax and you get on my nerve. That's how you ignite the will to murder someone. I did though. Still mad at that traffic police.. Lousy, I repeat, lousy.


There was a point in my life where I had to tell everyone bout everything that I was going through? Hmm. Now that I don't see the point in it, it just feels alot worse, doesn't it. Argh, I need more friends.

No Surprise Lyrics
I've practiced this for hours, gone round and round
And now I think that I've got it all down
And as I say it louder, I love how it sounds
Cause I'm not taking the easy way out
Not wrappin' this in ribbons
Shouldn't have to give a reason why
It's no surprise I won't be here tomorrow
I can't believe that I stayed till today
Yeah you and I will be a tough act to follow
But I know in time we'll find this was no surprise
It came out like a river once I let it out
When I thought that I wouldn't know how
Held onto it forever, just pushing it down
Felt so good to let go of it now
Not wrapping this in ribbons
Shouldn't have to give a reason why
*Repeat Chorus*
Don't be surprised when we hate this tomorrow
God knows we tried to find an easier way
Yeah you and I will be a tough act to follow
But I know in time we'll find this was no surprise
Our favourite place we used to go
The warm embrace that no one knows
The loving look that's left your eyes
That's why this comes as no,
As no surprise.
If I could see the future and how this plays out
I bet it's better than where we are now
But after going through this
It's easier to see the reason why
Our favourite place we used to go
The warm embrace that no one knows
The loving look that's left your eyes
But I know in time we'll find this was no surprise..
Ahh, well, since I have nothing better to do, why not, hm? And I lovvee this song. Ahh, fits perfectly. =D

Monday, July 13, 2009

Me, and of good songs.

Should listen to these songs eh.

Chris Daughtry - No Surprise
Rascal Flatts - Bless the Broken Road

Ahh, intro more nice songs to me. =D

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I, am feeling very frustrated. Uhh

Bumrush! =D

Omg =.= I typed like half the New Straits Times out and it all got deleted out of a sudden. Craaap..

Anyway, quote of the week : ' Why can't men have strong feminine sides/characteristics? Does that make them less of a man? - Adam Lambert'. Haha, so true! So yea, whenever you're judging on some guys' behaviour, think of his quote. So whhaaat if I have dramatically lesser hair than the rest of the billions of guys out there. I'm still sexy. =P

Hmm, so Aina's party was a blast. First we had barbecued squids, chickens, lambs, burgers and shrimps..? Haha.. That was the first. Anyway, after food, the form 4s started this drama thingy? Hmm.. Still couldn't figure out why they had to play acting. Maybe they're considering it as a career. After that, the long anticipated tossing-people-into-the-pool event started, and it got really wet and messy. Ahh, I wasn't spared either. They just had to dump me in there.. Anyhow, the girls got the worst of it. Especially Rachel, Kah Sim, Yvonne and Marilyn.. Oh yea, Marilyn deserved it. Every single drop of water, she deserved it all. Hahah! Tooth me la! Tooth me summore! =P

Well, guess who got all protective and stayed away from the water. [*Hint : There were 2 of them, 1 male, 1 female. =P*] Ciss... James, on the other hand, was hiding in the house, brahh, coward. Haha.. Umm, and I think it was 10+ when everyone started leaving? So yea, James and I plus Aina were chit chatting till midnight, and had to call it a night cuz Aina's dad was ranting. Mm, anyway, I enjoyed the party. Haha... Aina, thankss! =D

Ahh. 4.30am.. And this mosquito's happily irritating me. Lol, nights!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blessing or the contrary?

Hmm.. I've a confession. I'm frustrated. =( Everytime I wash my car, the very next day, it rains. Oh boy, all the more reasons to cry. Haha.. While people in Africa rejoice when there's downpour, yea, the only downpour you'll see when its raining is my tears rolling down my cheeks. Hehe! Anyhow, dad said I shouldn't complain.. Rain is a blessing...? Hmm.. *Tip to those who're lazy to wash their own cars : Car washing burns off at least 200 calories.* =D Motivated now? Hehe!

Mm.. 8th of July. Its one of the very few days where 3 people out of my millions of friends share the same excitement : Their birthday. If this keeps going on, not only that I run out of ideas on gifts, I'll run out of cash as well. Might as well just give them birthday cards, after all, that's wut I always do. =P

Right.. I'm hungry. Transformers 2, still lousy! =P [ Ps : Micheal Jackson's lifelong journey is 3 million times the enjoyment, the excitement, and the feeling of sheer success. Unlike the unsuccessful, overrated transformers 2. Hehe! ]

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lol case.

Guess what? I received a call from an unknown dude. It was the funniest wrong-numbered-call ever. This was the actual convo :

Me : Hello?
Malay Dude : Hello, may I speak to Syafiqah?
Me : Syafi-who? Sorry, wrong number.
Malay Dude : Ala, tipu.
Me : Err, wrong number.
Malay Dude : Janganlah tipu..
Me : *Wut on earth?!?!* Ends the call.

Lol, now you see, when a guy is desperate to talk to a girl, that's how things turn out when you dial the wrong number. Hmm, on second thought, I should've acted as if I was Syafiqah. Bwahaha!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ah, finally!

Hmm. Okay, first of all, I'll start talking bout movies and having them compared to of all the movies that I've watched over the last couple of months. So here goes..

- Terminator Salvation
- 17 Again
- Hannah Montana
- Transformers 2
-Friday the 13th
- Watchmen

Ahh fine. Those are the movies I'd like to compare.. So yea. If I were to choose the most worth watching movie among the lousiest ones, I'd choose Transformers 2. I said most worth watching, not most enjoyable. =P Somehow I think 17 again is better than transformers, and that Hannah montana would top the chart. I just don't get why people are so eager to watch transformers 2. Hmm, not to be mean but I have to criticise the movie. =D After watching transformers, there was this dude voicing out his dissatisfaction towards the movie.. And this was how it went :
Dissatisfied dude : *Talking to a friend* Dude, I don't think I like the movie. I mean all I see is robots fighting each other and the humans run like pigs. I mean yea, I enjoyed the movie, but I dont think its a nice movie.

That's how I think too. Its not a movie I'd pay to watch twice though. Oh, come to think of it, there's no movie that I'd pay to watch it the 2nd time, yet. Planning to watch ice age 3.. I love the cars in transformers though. =P
Oh yea, for those who don't believe that transformers 2 is not a good show, click here [ ]. It will, inevitably, make my day if you read this. =D

Hmm, Jing Loon's party.. His 18th birthday, a bbq party in a padang, late at night. Lol.

That's the birthday boy in the left. Remember Wilson? Yep.. The dancer from SMK PBP..

Oh well, I wouldn't want to upload more pics. Cuz, yeah, its irrelevant and a waste of time. =D Gee.. And I keep dreaming of the same person night after night. Wut on earth..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tribute to my Dad~

Mmm.. Well, its the 21st of June. It's a really memorable one cuz Father's day happens to fall on the 21st this year. Wut makes today memorable is the fact that my mom's birthday is also on the 21st of June.. So yeah, its a double celebration. Sadly Tim couldn't join us cause he's going for school's koko camp. Awh.. We went to Bukit Bintang, Starhill Gallery to grab a bite. The restaurant we went to was called, err, Jake's Charbroiled Steakhouse? Hehe.. Omg, the place there was designed by Japanese, so yea, the place there is really exquisite. It was my first time there anyway. =D So here are some of the pictures taken during the lovely hour we spent together =D :
There ya go, a glimpse at Jake's Charbroiled Steakhouse. Or wutever the name is. Hehe!
Aaaaand, this is our family picture. One of the employees there willingly took our picture. Awh, how nice.
Well, after lunch, dad had to go to see his clients in some hotel. So we decided to go down to Pavillion and do some window shop. Ahh, still can't find the shirt that I want. Went to the bookstore after that, then to baskin robbins. Grahh, I'm feeling guilty. I've been eating like crazy nowadays..
So yeah. Dad will be flying to Mumbai, India tomorrow. He just came back last night though, from Cygon, Vietnam. Mmh.. Well, at least we get to sit down and chat with him. He'll be busy alright, flying here and there in 4 different countries. Oh well.. I'm thankful for the job he has anyway. Long distance father. Hehe! Dad oh dad.. Happy Father's Day anyway. =D Luv ya~!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Oh gosh, k. Was browsing through my mailbox, and I stumbled upon a few pictures that caught my attention. Well, one of the few is :
A public toilet, made of 1-way glass, in which the person inside can see pretty much everything outside, but nobody can see through this glass from the outside. Hmm, I would really love to pay a visit to that toilet. It would be really, err, enjoyable. Hehe!

And oh, I went to my fren's birthday party last night. Had dinner at his own restaurant.. The best thing was, we were reunited with all the close friends we made during our secondary schooling years. Awh, wonder when will we be meeting up like that again. So yea, guess the bill?
Yup, saw it? RM 1603.05. Service charge was like 10% there I think, up to Rm150. Madness.. Oh well, it was a pretty satisfying meal, really filled up my stomach there..

There ya go.. One of the very few pictures they took *with me inside*. Hehe! Yeah, I don't really take alot of pics. Hmm, see that dude with his head tilted in a weird way? Hehe! That's James. Well, wut can I say, some people, never change.

Hmm, i'm getting to the bottom of this. Ahh.. Finally got to watch 17 again. Hmm, yea, it was alright.. Oh, finally got the suit done.. Went there twice today, the first was to do minor adjustments, the second visit was to collect it. Hehe.. So yea, that's bout it. =D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I can't stop laughing =D

Hahahahhahahahahahahahahaha. Omggg, omg! The most unexpected thing happened. Never once I foresaw that this would actually come true. Ahh, will get to that later. Let that curiousity drive you people insane. =D

Hahahaha! Omg la, Mad cow disease. Can't stop laughing. =D Hahahahaha! Hmm. I slept for 10 hours, yeah babe. Thank God for the wonderful sleep I had. Teehee.. Woke up at 1.30pm, had lunch, then continued reading my comic book.. Hehe.. Went down to gym, oh oh, before gym, I dropped by my friend's house to get more of those comic books. Hahaha! So yea, went to gym. Fetched my bro after gym, and here I am, in front of the comp. =D

Alaa.. Hahahahahha... I still can't stop laughing. Okay okay, so here's what happened. A friend of mine, well, to be frank, my prom date, just got together with this guy-friend of hers, also her classmate in her college. Haha! So yea, that eliminates all the crap you ppl have been saying. =P Aaah, can't really tell you people much bout how they got together, cuz if I do, God knows wut'll happen to me. Heheheheh! Well, i'm happy that the 2 of them actually sorted things out. Though there were a few other guys being really unhappy bout this, but, still, hahaha, its a good thing for the 2 of them, the newly-coupled I mean.. Haha, reconciliation of 2 lovebirds. Aww, sexy! Never thought that he had the guts to confess face to face. Ah, I surrender to his courage. Haha! Omg, I have to get to know this guy more. =D

Oh enough said. I'll get hammered by you know who, once I reveal more. =D

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nehh, new car!

Ahh, mom woke me up this morning, around 9.45am? Yea, took my shower, changed and immediately drove the new car out to the park nearby. Here's a few pics of my mom and me, and the car of course. =D

Me, perasan-ing with the new car. =D
My mom and me, ahh, posers. =D The Hernandez!
*Note : The dark circles came from my mom* Hehe!

That's how it looks like from that angle. Dad was supposed to teach us how to take picture of cars, but he went to Indonesia today. Mm..
Yea, those are 3 out of the many pictures we took today. Hehe.. Sent my bro down to Sunway, and went down to Puchong. Was supposed to watch 17 again, but ahh, due to the usual, slow, inconsistent pace of the Government's Staffs, yea, we live in Malaysia, so no doubt, its a slow progressing country. Thanks to them, I couldn't watch 17 again. Had to burn off 7 hours there, supposedly to act as a sacrifical unit to a stressed out friend of mine. Hehe! Yea.. Pity, kena bully. =P
So instead of watching 17 again, I went to watch Hannah Montana with a bunch of guy friends. Omg, it wasn't actually the best experience, cuz they were all guys, that's for sure. Hehe.. Oh well, Hannah Montana, again, was better than I expected. Wuts with all the movies surprising me nowadays? Hmm. The next time I go to the cinemas, I should be bringing higher expectations than before. Hehe.. So yea, that's bout it. =) Craving for rock melon / honeydews now. Ughh.. =D

Monday, June 8, 2009

Utter boredom

Ugh. Nothing unusual happened the whole week long. All I did was badminton, gym, movies, gym, shopping, loitering, and more gym. Burnt off a week doing wut I've been doing since I graduated. Hehe..

Went to 1 Utama today. It's a sunday, so yea, its pretty well packed. Parking wasn't easy to find though, it took us more than a quarter of an hour to finally find one. Yeah, went all the way there to find new clothes to wear. It has been a long time since I've shopped for clothes, so yea..

And ohh, Lum Fung was there promoting some facial cream thingy or something. It was crowded as people were snapping pictures of him and all, chanting his name and bla bla you name it. He's not that good looking, why go all over him? =P

Mm, another week to go.. Again, more movies, more gym, more badminton, more loiterings, more shopping, ugh... Lol, its like I live the same routine over and over again. Mmm hmm... Dad bought a new car, it was delivered 2 nights ago. Will post the picture up here pretty soon. Ahh, will brag bout it in the upcoming post. Hehe!

So yea, that's bout it I think.. Got my shirt for prom, all that is left is a tie to match with.. I did the fittings for the suit a few days ago at the tailors, and yea.. So far so good. =) Aduh, boring.. I'mma go play my games. =D

Monday, June 1, 2009


Ohhh boy. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy. Really, the best day I've had so far this year. My dad just came back from Vietnam yesterday. Haven't seen him cause he came back late last night, and that he will be leaving for India tomorrow. Yea, and the surprising thing is that he's getting a new car!! So, we'll be having 4 cars at home. Ughh, 4 road taxes, 4 tanks to fill, 4 cars to choose to drive everyday, omg! Wheeeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited! Hmm.. Hopefully dad will let me drive the car le. =D

On the other hand, I went down to PJ State with my mom to pay a visit to my father's tailor.. Yep, you guessed it. I'm getting my own suit for prom.. Woo hoo! Which means I've to stay in shape for quite some time to be wearing it. Ahh, sexyyyyy! Its dominant colour is black, with brown and thin white stripes. The pants will be the same in colour. Both the suit and the pants costs Rm750, after getting the generous offer. It'll be a thin one cuz of the new material they'll be using to tailor my suit. Ahh.. Can't wait. Got my own suit at the age of 17, while my dad never even thought of getting one, despite his age. Hehe!!

Ahh, imagine me in my suit, driving the new car to prom. Crap. I'm boasting already. Weeee! Oh, aside from all that joy and happiness, I'd like to thank my mom for today. If it wasn't for her persuasive manner that talked my dad into buying a suit for me, I wouldn't be this happy. And if it wasn't for dad who wisely managed his finances, we wouldn't be overjoyed with the arrival of a new car. Oh I feel so blessed. =) Words couldn't express my heartfelt gratitude towards my parents. It's just, breathtaking. =D

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ahh. Finally I can blog. Well, I wasn't busy or anything, just that I couldn't find anything extraordinary to share it here.. =P

Well, I woke up around 11 this morning, stayed over at Sim's house again =P We had McDonalds for lunch, then headed down to Sunway Club to exercise.. We played badminton for 2 hours, then Sim went to swim alone cuz we did not brought our swimming trunks along.. So yea, I found out that playing badminton shirtless is waaay cooler, and that you feel lighter without the soaked, sweaty shirt. Lol!

Okay, so I did suffered from a severe headache that lasted since I finished playing badminton till now.. But that didn't stop me from going all the way down to my uncle's house to visit his family, especially the cute lil girl named Elisa. Eeeee! She's soooo cute! Makes you feel like you want to hug her and never letting her go. Hehe! And oh yea, I tried on a few of his suits for prom, and yeah, they were nice. I borrowed 2 from him.. Did not want the pants cuz it was too loose and baggish.. I'll get my own pants. =( Now, all that is left for me to do is to find a suitable tie, a formal shirt and probably a vest.. I'll use my old shoes =( Ahh.. Mid year sales will be coming to an end soon, so I've gotta get hasty.

Shopping, anyone? =D

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dreary day.

Ahh. Almost got into an accident twice this morning. Wudda heck =.= Sent my aunt down to Midvalley in the morning. It was jam and all, and I was, well, doing wut I love doing on highways, speeding! =D Wut happened was that the car in front of me suddenly braked hard cuz he was speeding too. And that my aunt was afraid that I might hit the car in front. Luckily my brake was grippy. Well, after dropping her down at Midvalley, I made my way down to puchong. I chose the KL-PJ route, which had me driving down towards Sunway. Uh, the same thing happened, and the car behind me was tailing too close to me. As I braked, the car that was tailing me braked even harder. Cuz he was driving alot faster and all, so a car and a van ran into him. Lol! I was like, omg matt. Wut the heck? Maybe the lack of sleep. Was busy lecturing, uh-hmm, a friend of mine the night before, but it fell on deaf ears. Hehe! Fine, i'm over it. =P

LOL! Was juz informed by a friend of mine. He went to SEGi College for his orientation. It was his first day there anyway. Well, wut was shocking was that while they were ice breaking, they formed this big round circle and started introducing each other, and while doing so, this gay, REAL gay chinese guy went up to a random dude and kissed him on the cheek. LOL! SEGi! Beware k. =D Omgg, am still laughing over that silly matter. Hehe!

Ah! Am into the songs of Adam Lambert's! One, No Boundaries, Black or White and Mad World. Ahh! Someone, turn me gay! Lol.. =D And Carol recommended this song, sang by Ungu, unsure of the title so I'll juz put 'Cinta Dalam Hati' for safety measures. =P It, uh, made me, well, cry. =D Beautiful song!!

Gonna have my haircut again tomorrow! =D Whee~ I wanted to leave my hair long for at least another month, which is due next week but I couldn't take it and decided to cut it tomorrow. =D Ahh, crap. Another day to NOT look forward to. =(

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Upset over newly crowned Idol! =(

To Kris Allen's fans, well, enjoy reading. =D

Took this excerpt from the New Straits Times.

"Adam Lambert is the best thing that has ever happened to American Idol," said Suizieana Uda Nagu, stressing that she is dissatisfied over the fact that America has crowned the wrong Idol.

Kris Allen may have been crowned the eighth American Idol. But if it was up to the rest of the world, Adam Lambert would have been the undisputed Prince of Rock. Fans worldwide - from Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan to Australia, England and Norway - relied on social networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums to get a blow-by-blow account of the results show on Wednesday ( Los Angeles time).

As soon as they received the bad news, "Adamazed" supporters used the Internet to articulate their approval of Idol runner-up Lambert, who is from San Diego, California.

A live blogchat (between 7.30am to 10am on Result Day) organized by a Malaysian English daily which coincided with the live telecast on Astro's Starworld (channel 711) revealed that American Idol viewers all around the world "voted for Adam Lambert".

"It's crazy, man. Adam is a far superior (performer) compared to Kris. Don't worry Adam, your future will be brighter than his." wailed a fan from MALAYSIA.

"Adam, I salute you for what you have achieved! The Philippines loves you so much and so do I. I admire you for your humility and kindness especially to Kris! I hope to see you perform live in the Philippines," gushed Julz_Cacho, a fan from the Philippines.

"I'm sorry that you didn't win. But I am so glad that you still adore Kris. You are a good man and good things will happen to you. The front page ( of the local newspaper ) says that you're an international star. That is undeniably true. You've got fans here!

"Though we couldn't vote, we can buy your album and go to your concert in Asia. Just want to let you know that you have supporters in Taiwan," wrote a fan from Taiwan, who tied to vote for Lambert but was prevented by the busy voting lines.

"I just can't believe it. The results (were) so unfair. (This is) an injustice. I am in shock and can't stop crying," wrote a distraught Eva Georges on Lambert's official website (

Well, the excerpt above clearly stated how people across the globe feel upon the crowning of Kris Allen as the 8th American Idol. But, whats done is done, right? Anyhow, Adam has my full support. He was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best thing that has happened to American Idol. For twice in a row, Simon Cowell rooted on last year's runner up, David Archuleta, but was disappointed and dejected when the David Cook was crowned Idol of 2008. Simon never applaused both undeserving winners. Sry to say that but, it is a fact. =D Sry rollie. =D

Ahh. We'll wait for next year's American Idol then. Way to go Adam!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Fuhh. Just got back from dinner with friends. Saw my aunt from Sabah =D She'll be staying over in my house, my room, =( till next Wednesday. Which means, I've to stay over at my friends' house! Lol.. My mom even suggested me to stay in a hotel. Wut on earth? Oh lol. Whatever then.

Anyway, I got a last minute invitation to Sunway earlier today, by Carol herself, aduh, and that since I have nothing to do the entire day, why not? Left home at 11 for my breakfast, then down to Subang IT Mall to buy my antivirus, then down to Puchong to fetch her. I asked a few of my friends to join me, but none of them could make it. Finee, they'd rather hit the Cyber cafes than joining me. Lol.. Went shopping till 4pm. She bought her heels when all I did was tried on this vest I saw in Padini. It was body fitting, and black in colour. Which I find really sexaay. =P Went to waffle world cuz we were hungry. Ahh, I'm feeling fat. Have been eating fattenning food since my breakfast. =(

After waffle world-ing and all the non-making-sense conversations we had, we decided to watch a movie. Our first choice was Night at the Museum 2, but instead I chose to watch ' I love you, man' cuz I know my friends wont be watching that movie with me. Before the movie started, we had like 45 minutes of nothing-to-do time. So we loitered at the skating rink.. Haha! Again, we were blindly chatting, splashing out wutever that was in our minds, which never made sense. =P Ahh, 4.45pm! Movie time! It was, a pretty funny movie. Very funny in fact, liked the gays acting in it. Hahahah! Recommended for guys who loves watching comedies. =)

Nyeh, guess that's all. Mind's blank already. =) Byebye~

Payback Time!

Lol. Will get to the title very soon. Aduhhh, feeling satisfied after sleeping for 9 hours. Slept at 11.30pm last night, which happens to be the earliest that I have slept in, well, months. =D I woke up, and saw my pictures being violated in someone else's blog. Ahh!! Finnnee, I vowed to avenge my humilarity, and so, what the heck. Since you all don't know who am I bringing to prom, well, here goes her pic :

Ms. Carol Tan Khai Jou
Lol. She violated my pics by posting my ugly ones in her blog. Grahhh =( Anyway, she's the one I'm taking to prom. Rollie! Now you know for sure, k? LOL! =D
Ahh crap. I'm soo hungry.. Will be back soon! Out to sunway~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bitter sweet Wednesday

Aha! Back on the comp, after a long tiring day scouting for clothings in sunway. =) We arrived in sunway at about 1.30pm or so. Sim wanted to get his hair trimmed because he couldn't dress up his hair or style it in a way that would, you know, promote his looks =P Wuts worse was that he had to borrow 50 bucks from me cuz he was short of cash. Wut on earth.. Left my wallet empty. Ahh. We went to watch star trek after that.. It was good, given the fact that I never actually liked watching star trek, the old versions I mean.

After Sunway, I came home just in time to watch the American Idol finale. Well, tomorrow's the Grand Finale, 2 hours long. Wut kept me watching this competition was, well, mainly my mom. Cuz she's all into this Adam Lambert guy, who's probably the best American Idol contestant ever! Too bad he's homo =( Ahh wut the heck. It doesn't mean that he can't be the best right. Oh well, God bless him. Hope he wins. =D

Got online, played some games, chatted a lil in msn, my usual daily routine. Yeah, lowlife, I know =( I was later informed by my mom that my uncle owns this suit in which he wore for his wedding. Plus both our sizes are of the same.. So yea, I'll be going down to his house to try out his suit. Oh, yeaaah, its for prom. =)

Dilemma. =( I don't know what to wear! Lol. Its alright, its okay~

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Mmmmppphh.. Juz got back from Sunway. Went there all they way just to watch this show called 'Angels and Demons.' Well, I'll only give it a 4 out of 5 stars.. Cuz it was rather predictable. Lol.. Was supposed to go look for suits/attire for prom.. But naahhhh, my frens were busy pooling, yeah.. So we called it off and went back home..

Heck yeah! I've got a prom date! Lol.. Or should I say, the word James and I use to describe our dates, umm, companion? Hehe.. The prom's organized by the students studying in the CAT-ACCA course in Sunway University College.. Rm85 per ticket.. Ahh.. Dug a hole in my pocket. Lol.. Will be spending on clothes, and the rest. Ahh.. How I wish Bill Gates would donate 2% of his fortune to me. Lol..

Songs! =) Jenny!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A very blessed mother's day~

Ahh. It's mothers day, alas! Well, I didn't wake up from my own bed on mothers day =( Stayed over at my fren's house cuz I wanted to play basketball this morning, which I did. Had lunch after playing basketball, headed down to the cc for sum 'guy-gathering' thingy. Lol.. Went home around 5pm. The sun was scorchingly hot, surprisingly enough. Hmm.. Had a short nap, but couldn't sleep well cuz my male cat was, well, meeooow-ing away. Hehe.. Well, I actually came up with this idea to have our dinner outside in conjunction with Mother's Day.. I couldn't believe that my dad actually forgot that today is mother's day.. Well, he sure made up to it by taking us to, Swensens! We went to Subang Parade's Swensens.. Cuz it's only like, 20 minutes drive from my house? Yea.. Had our dinner, and ordered dessert. It's called, the earthquake! Everytime we visit Swensens, that's what we always go for. 8 whole scoops of ice creams, each of our own choices! Comes with 8 different toppings, with cherries on top of selected ice creams. Lol.. Highly recommended to those who have this mad cravings over food. =P

See the smoke coming out from the middle? Yep. Magic of the dry ice.
Oh mom. How would these 3 boys look like without your blood in them. Who would have taken this picture if it wasn't for you. How could they survive their miserable tens of years without the sheer, pure support of yours, oh mom. God bless you mom. LeeHom! Sing Everything! Lol. Luv ya mom!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tiring day..

Ahh.. Jusco sales, 7th of May, discounts of up to 80%, which I have never seen or heard of, well, I woke up this morning at 8.15am, fetched my friends, and went for breakfast.. Went to ioi mall's jusco sales right after that. It was a scorchingly hot morning, and the search for a parking space's pretty much a physical and mental torture. I had to go round and round, cram in between cars and to overcome frustration cuz I couldn't find a parking space. Grah.. Lucky me I had this Archie comic while waiting for the traffic in ioi to smoothen. Lol.. Well, yea, got myself some daily necessities, bla bla ding dong and a hairdryer =P There's the picture below..

The pink one is the one I bought today. Sadly that's the only colour they have =( The white one, the older one, is the hairdryer my family's been using for 10 years now. Probably longer, never counted the years. Hehe.. Poor family ma.. =)

This's the hair I mentioned about in my previous post.. Done by Daphne, a junior stylist from A cut above, and the colour only resonates with bright, fluorescent light. Well, yea.. Hehe.. Ah that's it. I've got more things to do now. =P

Monday, May 4, 2009

A new experience..

Fuhhh.. Juz got home from a long, tiring day spent with friends. Hehe.. Gosh it was a pretty freaky morning for me. Stayed over at Sim's house. =P Hmm.. Here's how things went this morning. I set my alarm at 7.15am, just to get up and get going for basketball. I don't play well, of course. All I do is run and jump around like chimpanzees do =) So yea, I slept at 4am the previous night, and was supposed to wake up at 7.15am this morning. Somehow the alarm did woke me up. The scary part was, I thought that my friend too, had got up from bed. And the fact that we only slept for 3 hours were the reason why we were lazy to get out of bed. Hehe.. Then I went back to sleep till it was 9am. Boyyy was I shocked to see the time. I rushed out of bed, washed up and woke my friend up to drive down to the basketball court. To my surprise, he told me that he never woke up at 7am. Ah, maybe the lack of sleep really got into my head somehow. Lol.. After basketball, we went for lunch..

Okaay, so that's how my morning went. I took a nap after lunch, which happens to be really bad for me, well, health reasons. Hehe.. Was supposed to go to Sunway to get a haircut, then down to KLPAC to watch my friends perform.. And yea, I got ready by 3pm and was drawing a map of the route down to KLPAC. We're complete strangers to that particular area. So yea.. I ran into Trina's mother while waiting for my friend to pick me up. Lol! Her mom actually thought that I was waiting for her. Haha.. Then Sim came and picked me up, as well as the rest of my friends, and headed down to Sunway, just for my sake of getting my hair done. Hehe!! It was a really new experience for me. Went to A cut above, friend's recommendation, and it happens to be really good. Hehe.. Met this female stylist, named Daphne, had our conversation during that 2 houred long session. Mmmm.. I even dyed my hair already. Reddish Brown? Hehe.. Cost me 120 bucks for it. Arghh. Mahalnyaaa~ The haircut itself is 45 bucks. I was short of cash.. Was sooo embarrased to borrow money from my friends, right in front of the workers there. Eeeyer.. But the workers there are really pros ler. They can tell how much protein I consume by just looking at my hair. Lol!

After the tiring, long haircut session, we headed down to KLPAC [ Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre ] at 6.15pm, and the performance was scheduled to start at 7pm. We really thought that we were late, and will be late for the performance.. Lucky for us that it was a Sunday. Traffic was smoother than expected.. And we got there in the nick of time. 15 minutes before the performance started. Relieved, we were. Few of the actors and actresses were friends of mine, so yea.. I was proud of them to be able to pull of something like that despite their ages. Some of them were as young as 6 or 7 years old, and they outperformed the older ones. Hehe! How cute.. It started around 7.15pm, and ended around 9.15pm.. Followed by prayers and photography sessions.. We had a lil chat with the casting crew, then made our way back to Puchong for dinner.. Yeaa.. So that's bout it, don't think I've more to share. Hehe.. k, nights! =)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Best day in, days!

Aahhh! Finally.. Stress free! Hmm.. Woke up at 8am today, went down to Puchong, visited my old driving school, rammed into a few friends of mine, had a drink with them, then proceeded to Adrian's house.

Wee hee! I then went to the gym, with just the intention of working out, as usual, with Adrian of course. Well, it's quite a normal day for me. Buuuuuut, thanks to friends and gymmates of mine, I was given motivation and sheer support! Aha! After months of training in gym, on and off, practically-really, at least I'm still able to maintain my posture and figure. Eric, come hommeee.. Lol. Well, what motivated me was that, my friends were browsing through the pictures in my phone, and they saw this :

Hehe!! Yea.. One of my gymmates even wanted to take pictures of me with the intention of submitting them to this competition called, Malaysian's Hottest Hunks? Hmm.. Never heard of it but.. He's been insisting Eric and me to join it.. Hmmm.. Lol! Ahhh. Anyway, thaaank you my fellow comrades! Ahh. Just when I needed an uplifting the most. You guys made my day. Ahh! I even found a new song, entitled Kau Ilhamku, by Man Bai? Was recommended by Adrian. Loved it! Try listening to it. It's reaaaaly nice. Hehe.. Well, that's all for today. Gotta have dinner soon. Weeee~ =D

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Devastated. =(

I, was practically down the whole day. I never knew how it actually started, the frusty mood I mean, but I know wut prolonged and worsened it. =( Ahh. I'm an unfortunate one huh.. I'm a, uh, jerk? That's what I've been named after by a few used-to-be-friends of mine.. Aih.. There's just no one to talk to in the mean time. Where's my pillar of support...?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Uh.. A partially pathetic day. =(

Mmm... Upon waking up, I had this terrible twinge in my tummy. I didn't know what actually caused the achings and all, but it was pretty painful. Had to visit the toilet several times =( Sigh.. But that's just one small part of why I had a pretty pathetic, saddening day.. Nay.. I'm not sharing it here. Its a lil personal... Plus I'm an introvert =D Ahh.. An indistinct frustration, this, fatigue.. Ahhhh. God, save me. =(

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A night on a hilltop, spent with special friends.. =)

Uhh.. Sry couldn't upload the actual pictures taken during our chat on the hilltop.. Thanks to one of my girl-friends who thought her face was so terribly ugly, that she had to delete the pictures which were meant to be shown here, on my blog.. =( Sigh..

Well, before we went up to the hill, we went for a street-side steamboat, also known as ( luk luk ).. Then we bought bubble milk tea for ourselves to be a thirst quencher while we chat.. So yea.. After buying our respective drinks, we went to the famous Puteri 12 hill.. Parked our cars by the roadside, got out of the car, walked ourselves to the edge of the hill and sat on the dry, grassy ground. We started talking at about 8.30pm.. All the conversations involved were meant to be personal, to be shared and understood among the 6 of us who were present for the small, trusted, enclosed and personal group discussion.. We were revealling our darkest, innermost secrets kept hidden from the rest of our friends.. So yea.. It was a very personal session. =) We were all thankful to God for blessing us with all the time we had on that hill, and to give each of us the opportunity to mutually understand each other, better.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reminiscing the golden ol' days.. =D

Hehe.. The man in the picture is my dad. Also in his early 20s, he's already working as a drafter for a company that designs and constructs kitchen in hotels not just locally, but overseas as well.. And he's still in that business till now, just that he's the boss now. Hehe!
Guess who guess who?! Yeah.. My girlfriend!! Nay.. Lol.. The pretty lady in the picture was my, mom! =) She was in her 20s, running as a fashion model back in Sabah. Hehe..
Well, I didn't know for sure at what age my mom and my dad met, but I know they met at their workplace by coincidence. Hehe.. Neither of them made their move to get to know one another. Instead, my dad asked his friend for a favour, and to get to know my mom through my dad's friend. Hehe! Yep.. My dad was a shy guy back then. And I'm no different from him. Hehe.. That's juz a small part of how they met.. Wish I can tell you guys more... But I juz couldn't remember. Hehe.. Sorrehh! =D

Friday, April 24, 2009

The day I've been looking forward to~

Lol.. Yepp. You guessed it right.. It's a blister =D I caught it when I was playing badminton.. I was all hyped up, as usual, hehe, and I jumped from one end of the court to the other, trying to save the shuttlecock from touching the ground.. And of cuz, I used my palms to stop me from the slide due to inertia. Boyyy it did hurt like crazy when I first got it.. Wasn't able to pull of any backhand manoeuvres... =( I got it on Tuesday.. And that picture was taken today =D But it doesn't hurt as much anymore.. Cuz the inner skin hardened. =)

Hmm, its 4.46pm now.. Will be going out with friends to have a small gathering later on at ioi, will be watching movies, chatter and laugh the whole night away.. Hehe.. Gotta go now.. Shower time.. =D Byeee~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another usual Tuesday =D

Well, its been a long day. I woke up 15 minutes before noon cuz I slept at 4am, basically playing games the whole night itself. =D Upon waking up, I turned on the computer and started watching this show entitled 'The Notebook', a recommendation from a friend of mine. It was alot better than I've expected. Hehe.. Was supposed to not cry, but it was quite unbearable. Hehe! My eyes went wet though.. =D Well, its a good show.. Go watch it if possible. I had lunch right after watching that movie.. It was about 2.30pm when I completed my lunch.. Watched a few programmes on tv.. Nothing interesting though.. Since its a weekday afternoon.. I later went out at 3.30pm for badminton.. Those who went were way hong, kim fatt, carol and me. =( Not many though.. We played for 2 hours plus, maybe 3. Hehe.. Wasn't that tiring.. Will be going again tomorrow.. =D After badminton, my friends and I decided to go pay a visit to the.. CC! Hehe.. Played games for a short while, then we went to the mamaks for a short 'yum cha' session, again.. =D That's about 11.30pm or so..? Yea.. Then I refuelled my car.. And.. That's bout it.. =.= Boring usual weekday. =(

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Usual boring day~

Hmm.. I woke up this afternoon, at about 1p.m =( Thanks to the hammering by the workers in my neighbour's house. If it weren't for them, I'd still be sleeping soundly. Hehe.. Had lunch, then I went to gym.. My usual gymmates were Chan Yoong and Eric.. Sadly they both went to national service, which left the laaazy old, ever-so-irresolute and indecisive ADRIAAANNN. Lol. He was supposed to bring 3 ppl to gym, juz for the sake of accompanying me =P. However though, he didn't show up. That's twice in two weeks now. Ughh.. How nerve wrecking. Anyway, after gym, my friends and I went out for a short 'yum-cha' session over at Nathans.. I finally persuaded 3 clowns to join me this Saturday to attend this performance called, Paroimia. I went there once, but somehow Cassie wanted me to go again. Well, since its kinda nice and enjoyable and all, I agreed =D Ahh. Hmm.. That's all for today I suppose. =D

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lunch at Victoria Station

That's me. Was munching the big chunk of french fries when my mom candidly took picture of me chewing my food. =( Naughty mom. Lol.. I had fish and chips cuz I didn't want to spend much on food. =P Anyway, the lunch itself was planned a week ago by my parents, but I was later reminded by my brothers the night before the day we went out for lunch itself. Hmm.. How irresponsible of me eh.. =D Anyway, thank God for blessing us with the food on the table and conversations involved. It really did a little bonding after dad's long absence due to work overseas. =) Luv ya mom and dad!

My first blogging tryout. Lol =)

Mmm.. Its been like what, 5 months since I've graduated from high school? Life at home doesn't exactly satisfy me =( Wut I miss most in school is the challenging english tasks my faaaavourite teacher Pn. Normala gave.. Especially essays yo! =P

Hmm.. So yea.. One of the many reasons why I chose to start blogging is to practially maintain my, uhh, english..? Hehe.. Don't want my brain to deteriorate due to inactivity and the absence of homeworks used to be given by my restless teachers over the past few years in school. =)

Anyway, its getting late d. Gonna try out something different here now. Chiao~