Thursday, April 30, 2009

Best day in, days!

Aahhh! Finally.. Stress free! Hmm.. Woke up at 8am today, went down to Puchong, visited my old driving school, rammed into a few friends of mine, had a drink with them, then proceeded to Adrian's house.

Wee hee! I then went to the gym, with just the intention of working out, as usual, with Adrian of course. Well, it's quite a normal day for me. Buuuuuut, thanks to friends and gymmates of mine, I was given motivation and sheer support! Aha! After months of training in gym, on and off, practically-really, at least I'm still able to maintain my posture and figure. Eric, come hommeee.. Lol. Well, what motivated me was that, my friends were browsing through the pictures in my phone, and they saw this :

Hehe!! Yea.. One of my gymmates even wanted to take pictures of me with the intention of submitting them to this competition called, Malaysian's Hottest Hunks? Hmm.. Never heard of it but.. He's been insisting Eric and me to join it.. Hmmm.. Lol! Ahhh. Anyway, thaaank you my fellow comrades! Ahh. Just when I needed an uplifting the most. You guys made my day. Ahh! I even found a new song, entitled Kau Ilhamku, by Man Bai? Was recommended by Adrian. Loved it! Try listening to it. It's reaaaaly nice. Hehe.. Well, that's all for today. Gotta have dinner soon. Weeee~ =D

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Devastated. =(

I, was practically down the whole day. I never knew how it actually started, the frusty mood I mean, but I know wut prolonged and worsened it. =( Ahh. I'm an unfortunate one huh.. I'm a, uh, jerk? That's what I've been named after by a few used-to-be-friends of mine.. Aih.. There's just no one to talk to in the mean time. Where's my pillar of support...?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Uh.. A partially pathetic day. =(

Mmm... Upon waking up, I had this terrible twinge in my tummy. I didn't know what actually caused the achings and all, but it was pretty painful. Had to visit the toilet several times =( Sigh.. But that's just one small part of why I had a pretty pathetic, saddening day.. Nay.. I'm not sharing it here. Its a lil personal... Plus I'm an introvert =D Ahh.. An indistinct frustration, this, fatigue.. Ahhhh. God, save me. =(

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A night on a hilltop, spent with special friends.. =)

Uhh.. Sry couldn't upload the actual pictures taken during our chat on the hilltop.. Thanks to one of my girl-friends who thought her face was so terribly ugly, that she had to delete the pictures which were meant to be shown here, on my blog.. =( Sigh..

Well, before we went up to the hill, we went for a street-side steamboat, also known as ( luk luk ).. Then we bought bubble milk tea for ourselves to be a thirst quencher while we chat.. So yea.. After buying our respective drinks, we went to the famous Puteri 12 hill.. Parked our cars by the roadside, got out of the car, walked ourselves to the edge of the hill and sat on the dry, grassy ground. We started talking at about 8.30pm.. All the conversations involved were meant to be personal, to be shared and understood among the 6 of us who were present for the small, trusted, enclosed and personal group discussion.. We were revealling our darkest, innermost secrets kept hidden from the rest of our friends.. So yea.. It was a very personal session. =) We were all thankful to God for blessing us with all the time we had on that hill, and to give each of us the opportunity to mutually understand each other, better.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reminiscing the golden ol' days.. =D

Hehe.. The man in the picture is my dad. Also in his early 20s, he's already working as a drafter for a company that designs and constructs kitchen in hotels not just locally, but overseas as well.. And he's still in that business till now, just that he's the boss now. Hehe!
Guess who guess who?! Yeah.. My girlfriend!! Nay.. Lol.. The pretty lady in the picture was my, mom! =) She was in her 20s, running as a fashion model back in Sabah. Hehe..
Well, I didn't know for sure at what age my mom and my dad met, but I know they met at their workplace by coincidence. Hehe.. Neither of them made their move to get to know one another. Instead, my dad asked his friend for a favour, and to get to know my mom through my dad's friend. Hehe! Yep.. My dad was a shy guy back then. And I'm no different from him. Hehe.. That's juz a small part of how they met.. Wish I can tell you guys more... But I juz couldn't remember. Hehe.. Sorrehh! =D

Friday, April 24, 2009

The day I've been looking forward to~

Lol.. Yepp. You guessed it right.. It's a blister =D I caught it when I was playing badminton.. I was all hyped up, as usual, hehe, and I jumped from one end of the court to the other, trying to save the shuttlecock from touching the ground.. And of cuz, I used my palms to stop me from the slide due to inertia. Boyyy it did hurt like crazy when I first got it.. Wasn't able to pull of any backhand manoeuvres... =( I got it on Tuesday.. And that picture was taken today =D But it doesn't hurt as much anymore.. Cuz the inner skin hardened. =)

Hmm, its 4.46pm now.. Will be going out with friends to have a small gathering later on at ioi, will be watching movies, chatter and laugh the whole night away.. Hehe.. Gotta go now.. Shower time.. =D Byeee~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another usual Tuesday =D

Well, its been a long day. I woke up 15 minutes before noon cuz I slept at 4am, basically playing games the whole night itself. =D Upon waking up, I turned on the computer and started watching this show entitled 'The Notebook', a recommendation from a friend of mine. It was alot better than I've expected. Hehe.. Was supposed to not cry, but it was quite unbearable. Hehe! My eyes went wet though.. =D Well, its a good show.. Go watch it if possible. I had lunch right after watching that movie.. It was about 2.30pm when I completed my lunch.. Watched a few programmes on tv.. Nothing interesting though.. Since its a weekday afternoon.. I later went out at 3.30pm for badminton.. Those who went were way hong, kim fatt, carol and me. =( Not many though.. We played for 2 hours plus, maybe 3. Hehe.. Wasn't that tiring.. Will be going again tomorrow.. =D After badminton, my friends and I decided to go pay a visit to the.. CC! Hehe.. Played games for a short while, then we went to the mamaks for a short 'yum cha' session, again.. =D That's about 11.30pm or so..? Yea.. Then I refuelled my car.. And.. That's bout it.. =.= Boring usual weekday. =(

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Usual boring day~

Hmm.. I woke up this afternoon, at about 1p.m =( Thanks to the hammering by the workers in my neighbour's house. If it weren't for them, I'd still be sleeping soundly. Hehe.. Had lunch, then I went to gym.. My usual gymmates were Chan Yoong and Eric.. Sadly they both went to national service, which left the laaazy old, ever-so-irresolute and indecisive ADRIAAANNN. Lol. He was supposed to bring 3 ppl to gym, juz for the sake of accompanying me =P. However though, he didn't show up. That's twice in two weeks now. Ughh.. How nerve wrecking. Anyway, after gym, my friends and I went out for a short 'yum-cha' session over at Nathans.. I finally persuaded 3 clowns to join me this Saturday to attend this performance called, Paroimia. I went there once, but somehow Cassie wanted me to go again. Well, since its kinda nice and enjoyable and all, I agreed =D Ahh. Hmm.. That's all for today I suppose. =D

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lunch at Victoria Station

That's me. Was munching the big chunk of french fries when my mom candidly took picture of me chewing my food. =( Naughty mom. Lol.. I had fish and chips cuz I didn't want to spend much on food. =P Anyway, the lunch itself was planned a week ago by my parents, but I was later reminded by my brothers the night before the day we went out for lunch itself. Hmm.. How irresponsible of me eh.. =D Anyway, thank God for blessing us with the food on the table and conversations involved. It really did a little bonding after dad's long absence due to work overseas. =) Luv ya mom and dad!

My first blogging tryout. Lol =)

Mmm.. Its been like what, 5 months since I've graduated from high school? Life at home doesn't exactly satisfy me =( Wut I miss most in school is the challenging english tasks my faaaavourite teacher Pn. Normala gave.. Especially essays yo! =P

Hmm.. So yea.. One of the many reasons why I chose to start blogging is to practially maintain my, uhh, english..? Hehe.. Don't want my brain to deteriorate due to inactivity and the absence of homeworks used to be given by my restless teachers over the past few years in school. =)

Anyway, its getting late d. Gonna try out something different here now. Chiao~