Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ahh. Finally I can blog. Well, I wasn't busy or anything, just that I couldn't find anything extraordinary to share it here.. =P

Well, I woke up around 11 this morning, stayed over at Sim's house again =P We had McDonalds for lunch, then headed down to Sunway Club to exercise.. We played badminton for 2 hours, then Sim went to swim alone cuz we did not brought our swimming trunks along.. So yea, I found out that playing badminton shirtless is waaay cooler, and that you feel lighter without the soaked, sweaty shirt. Lol!

Okay, so I did suffered from a severe headache that lasted since I finished playing badminton till now.. But that didn't stop me from going all the way down to my uncle's house to visit his family, especially the cute lil girl named Elisa. Eeeee! She's soooo cute! Makes you feel like you want to hug her and never letting her go. Hehe! And oh yea, I tried on a few of his suits for prom, and yeah, they were nice. I borrowed 2 from him.. Did not want the pants cuz it was too loose and baggish.. I'll get my own pants. =( Now, all that is left for me to do is to find a suitable tie, a formal shirt and probably a vest.. I'll use my old shoes =( Ahh.. Mid year sales will be coming to an end soon, so I've gotta get hasty.

Shopping, anyone? =D

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dreary day.

Ahh. Almost got into an accident twice this morning. Wudda heck =.= Sent my aunt down to Midvalley in the morning. It was jam and all, and I was, well, doing wut I love doing on highways, speeding! =D Wut happened was that the car in front of me suddenly braked hard cuz he was speeding too. And that my aunt was afraid that I might hit the car in front. Luckily my brake was grippy. Well, after dropping her down at Midvalley, I made my way down to puchong. I chose the KL-PJ route, which had me driving down towards Sunway. Uh, the same thing happened, and the car behind me was tailing too close to me. As I braked, the car that was tailing me braked even harder. Cuz he was driving alot faster and all, so a car and a van ran into him. Lol! I was like, omg matt. Wut the heck? Maybe the lack of sleep. Was busy lecturing, uh-hmm, a friend of mine the night before, but it fell on deaf ears. Hehe! Fine, i'm over it. =P

LOL! Was juz informed by a friend of mine. He went to SEGi College for his orientation. It was his first day there anyway. Well, wut was shocking was that while they were ice breaking, they formed this big round circle and started introducing each other, and while doing so, this gay, REAL gay chinese guy went up to a random dude and kissed him on the cheek. LOL! SEGi! Beware k. =D Omgg, am still laughing over that silly matter. Hehe!

Ah! Am into the songs of Adam Lambert's! One, No Boundaries, Black or White and Mad World. Ahh! Someone, turn me gay! Lol.. =D And Carol recommended this song, sang by Ungu, unsure of the title so I'll juz put 'Cinta Dalam Hati' for safety measures. =P It, uh, made me, well, cry. =D Beautiful song!!

Gonna have my haircut again tomorrow! =D Whee~ I wanted to leave my hair long for at least another month, which is due next week but I couldn't take it and decided to cut it tomorrow. =D Ahh, crap. Another day to NOT look forward to. =(

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Upset over newly crowned Idol! =(

To Kris Allen's fans, well, enjoy reading. =D

Took this excerpt from the New Straits Times.

"Adam Lambert is the best thing that has ever happened to American Idol," said Suizieana Uda Nagu, stressing that she is dissatisfied over the fact that America has crowned the wrong Idol.

Kris Allen may have been crowned the eighth American Idol. But if it was up to the rest of the world, Adam Lambert would have been the undisputed Prince of Rock. Fans worldwide - from Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan to Australia, England and Norway - relied on social networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums to get a blow-by-blow account of the results show on Wednesday ( Los Angeles time).

As soon as they received the bad news, "Adamazed" supporters used the Internet to articulate their approval of Idol runner-up Lambert, who is from San Diego, California.

A live blogchat (between 7.30am to 10am on Result Day) organized by a Malaysian English daily which coincided with the live telecast on Astro's Starworld (channel 711) revealed that American Idol viewers all around the world "voted for Adam Lambert".

"It's crazy, man. Adam is a far superior (performer) compared to Kris. Don't worry Adam, your future will be brighter than his." wailed a fan from MALAYSIA.

"Adam, I salute you for what you have achieved! The Philippines loves you so much and so do I. I admire you for your humility and kindness especially to Kris! I hope to see you perform live in the Philippines," gushed Julz_Cacho, a fan from the Philippines.

"I'm sorry that you didn't win. But I am so glad that you still adore Kris. You are a good man and good things will happen to you. The front page ( of the local newspaper ) says that you're an international star. That is undeniably true. You've got fans here!

"Though we couldn't vote, we can buy your album and go to your concert in Asia. Just want to let you know that you have supporters in Taiwan," wrote a fan from Taiwan, who tied to vote for Lambert but was prevented by the busy voting lines.

"I just can't believe it. The results (were) so unfair. (This is) an injustice. I am in shock and can't stop crying," wrote a distraught Eva Georges on Lambert's official website (

Well, the excerpt above clearly stated how people across the globe feel upon the crowning of Kris Allen as the 8th American Idol. But, whats done is done, right? Anyhow, Adam has my full support. He was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best thing that has happened to American Idol. For twice in a row, Simon Cowell rooted on last year's runner up, David Archuleta, but was disappointed and dejected when the David Cook was crowned Idol of 2008. Simon never applaused both undeserving winners. Sry to say that but, it is a fact. =D Sry rollie. =D

Ahh. We'll wait for next year's American Idol then. Way to go Adam!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Fuhh. Just got back from dinner with friends. Saw my aunt from Sabah =D She'll be staying over in my house, my room, =( till next Wednesday. Which means, I've to stay over at my friends' house! Lol.. My mom even suggested me to stay in a hotel. Wut on earth? Oh lol. Whatever then.

Anyway, I got a last minute invitation to Sunway earlier today, by Carol herself, aduh, and that since I have nothing to do the entire day, why not? Left home at 11 for my breakfast, then down to Subang IT Mall to buy my antivirus, then down to Puchong to fetch her. I asked a few of my friends to join me, but none of them could make it. Finee, they'd rather hit the Cyber cafes than joining me. Lol.. Went shopping till 4pm. She bought her heels when all I did was tried on this vest I saw in Padini. It was body fitting, and black in colour. Which I find really sexaay. =P Went to waffle world cuz we were hungry. Ahh, I'm feeling fat. Have been eating fattenning food since my breakfast. =(

After waffle world-ing and all the non-making-sense conversations we had, we decided to watch a movie. Our first choice was Night at the Museum 2, but instead I chose to watch ' I love you, man' cuz I know my friends wont be watching that movie with me. Before the movie started, we had like 45 minutes of nothing-to-do time. So we loitered at the skating rink.. Haha! Again, we were blindly chatting, splashing out wutever that was in our minds, which never made sense. =P Ahh, 4.45pm! Movie time! It was, a pretty funny movie. Very funny in fact, liked the gays acting in it. Hahahah! Recommended for guys who loves watching comedies. =)

Nyeh, guess that's all. Mind's blank already. =) Byebye~

Payback Time!

Lol. Will get to the title very soon. Aduhhh, feeling satisfied after sleeping for 9 hours. Slept at 11.30pm last night, which happens to be the earliest that I have slept in, well, months. =D I woke up, and saw my pictures being violated in someone else's blog. Ahh!! Finnnee, I vowed to avenge my humilarity, and so, what the heck. Since you all don't know who am I bringing to prom, well, here goes her pic :

Ms. Carol Tan Khai Jou
Lol. She violated my pics by posting my ugly ones in her blog. Grahhh =( Anyway, she's the one I'm taking to prom. Rollie! Now you know for sure, k? LOL! =D
Ahh crap. I'm soo hungry.. Will be back soon! Out to sunway~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bitter sweet Wednesday

Aha! Back on the comp, after a long tiring day scouting for clothings in sunway. =) We arrived in sunway at about 1.30pm or so. Sim wanted to get his hair trimmed because he couldn't dress up his hair or style it in a way that would, you know, promote his looks =P Wuts worse was that he had to borrow 50 bucks from me cuz he was short of cash. Wut on earth.. Left my wallet empty. Ahh. We went to watch star trek after that.. It was good, given the fact that I never actually liked watching star trek, the old versions I mean.

After Sunway, I came home just in time to watch the American Idol finale. Well, tomorrow's the Grand Finale, 2 hours long. Wut kept me watching this competition was, well, mainly my mom. Cuz she's all into this Adam Lambert guy, who's probably the best American Idol contestant ever! Too bad he's homo =( Ahh wut the heck. It doesn't mean that he can't be the best right. Oh well, God bless him. Hope he wins. =D

Got online, played some games, chatted a lil in msn, my usual daily routine. Yeah, lowlife, I know =( I was later informed by my mom that my uncle owns this suit in which he wore for his wedding. Plus both our sizes are of the same.. So yea, I'll be going down to his house to try out his suit. Oh, yeaaah, its for prom. =)

Dilemma. =( I don't know what to wear! Lol. Its alright, its okay~

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Mmmmppphh.. Juz got back from Sunway. Went there all they way just to watch this show called 'Angels and Demons.' Well, I'll only give it a 4 out of 5 stars.. Cuz it was rather predictable. Lol.. Was supposed to go look for suits/attire for prom.. But naahhhh, my frens were busy pooling, yeah.. So we called it off and went back home..

Heck yeah! I've got a prom date! Lol.. Or should I say, the word James and I use to describe our dates, umm, companion? Hehe.. The prom's organized by the students studying in the CAT-ACCA course in Sunway University College.. Rm85 per ticket.. Ahh.. Dug a hole in my pocket. Lol.. Will be spending on clothes, and the rest. Ahh.. How I wish Bill Gates would donate 2% of his fortune to me. Lol..

Songs! =) Jenny!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A very blessed mother's day~

Ahh. It's mothers day, alas! Well, I didn't wake up from my own bed on mothers day =( Stayed over at my fren's house cuz I wanted to play basketball this morning, which I did. Had lunch after playing basketball, headed down to the cc for sum 'guy-gathering' thingy. Lol.. Went home around 5pm. The sun was scorchingly hot, surprisingly enough. Hmm.. Had a short nap, but couldn't sleep well cuz my male cat was, well, meeooow-ing away. Hehe.. Well, I actually came up with this idea to have our dinner outside in conjunction with Mother's Day.. I couldn't believe that my dad actually forgot that today is mother's day.. Well, he sure made up to it by taking us to, Swensens! We went to Subang Parade's Swensens.. Cuz it's only like, 20 minutes drive from my house? Yea.. Had our dinner, and ordered dessert. It's called, the earthquake! Everytime we visit Swensens, that's what we always go for. 8 whole scoops of ice creams, each of our own choices! Comes with 8 different toppings, with cherries on top of selected ice creams. Lol.. Highly recommended to those who have this mad cravings over food. =P

See the smoke coming out from the middle? Yep. Magic of the dry ice.
Oh mom. How would these 3 boys look like without your blood in them. Who would have taken this picture if it wasn't for you. How could they survive their miserable tens of years without the sheer, pure support of yours, oh mom. God bless you mom. LeeHom! Sing Everything! Lol. Luv ya mom!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tiring day..

Ahh.. Jusco sales, 7th of May, discounts of up to 80%, which I have never seen or heard of, well, I woke up this morning at 8.15am, fetched my friends, and went for breakfast.. Went to ioi mall's jusco sales right after that. It was a scorchingly hot morning, and the search for a parking space's pretty much a physical and mental torture. I had to go round and round, cram in between cars and to overcome frustration cuz I couldn't find a parking space. Grah.. Lucky me I had this Archie comic while waiting for the traffic in ioi to smoothen. Lol.. Well, yea, got myself some daily necessities, bla bla ding dong and a hairdryer =P There's the picture below..

The pink one is the one I bought today. Sadly that's the only colour they have =( The white one, the older one, is the hairdryer my family's been using for 10 years now. Probably longer, never counted the years. Hehe.. Poor family ma.. =)

This's the hair I mentioned about in my previous post.. Done by Daphne, a junior stylist from A cut above, and the colour only resonates with bright, fluorescent light. Well, yea.. Hehe.. Ah that's it. I've got more things to do now. =P

Monday, May 4, 2009

A new experience..

Fuhhh.. Juz got home from a long, tiring day spent with friends. Hehe.. Gosh it was a pretty freaky morning for me. Stayed over at Sim's house. =P Hmm.. Here's how things went this morning. I set my alarm at 7.15am, just to get up and get going for basketball. I don't play well, of course. All I do is run and jump around like chimpanzees do =) So yea, I slept at 4am the previous night, and was supposed to wake up at 7.15am this morning. Somehow the alarm did woke me up. The scary part was, I thought that my friend too, had got up from bed. And the fact that we only slept for 3 hours were the reason why we were lazy to get out of bed. Hehe.. Then I went back to sleep till it was 9am. Boyyy was I shocked to see the time. I rushed out of bed, washed up and woke my friend up to drive down to the basketball court. To my surprise, he told me that he never woke up at 7am. Ah, maybe the lack of sleep really got into my head somehow. Lol.. After basketball, we went for lunch..

Okaay, so that's how my morning went. I took a nap after lunch, which happens to be really bad for me, well, health reasons. Hehe.. Was supposed to go to Sunway to get a haircut, then down to KLPAC to watch my friends perform.. And yea, I got ready by 3pm and was drawing a map of the route down to KLPAC. We're complete strangers to that particular area. So yea.. I ran into Trina's mother while waiting for my friend to pick me up. Lol! Her mom actually thought that I was waiting for her. Haha.. Then Sim came and picked me up, as well as the rest of my friends, and headed down to Sunway, just for my sake of getting my hair done. Hehe!! It was a really new experience for me. Went to A cut above, friend's recommendation, and it happens to be really good. Hehe.. Met this female stylist, named Daphne, had our conversation during that 2 houred long session. Mmmm.. I even dyed my hair already. Reddish Brown? Hehe.. Cost me 120 bucks for it. Arghh. Mahalnyaaa~ The haircut itself is 45 bucks. I was short of cash.. Was sooo embarrased to borrow money from my friends, right in front of the workers there. Eeeyer.. But the workers there are really pros ler. They can tell how much protein I consume by just looking at my hair. Lol!

After the tiring, long haircut session, we headed down to KLPAC [ Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre ] at 6.15pm, and the performance was scheduled to start at 7pm. We really thought that we were late, and will be late for the performance.. Lucky for us that it was a Sunday. Traffic was smoother than expected.. And we got there in the nick of time. 15 minutes before the performance started. Relieved, we were. Few of the actors and actresses were friends of mine, so yea.. I was proud of them to be able to pull of something like that despite their ages. Some of them were as young as 6 or 7 years old, and they outperformed the older ones. Hehe! How cute.. It started around 7.15pm, and ended around 9.15pm.. Followed by prayers and photography sessions.. We had a lil chat with the casting crew, then made our way back to Puchong for dinner.. Yeaa.. So that's bout it, don't think I've more to share. Hehe.. k, nights! =)