Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tribute to my Dad~

Mmm.. Well, its the 21st of June. It's a really memorable one cuz Father's day happens to fall on the 21st this year. Wut makes today memorable is the fact that my mom's birthday is also on the 21st of June.. So yeah, its a double celebration. Sadly Tim couldn't join us cause he's going for school's koko camp. Awh.. We went to Bukit Bintang, Starhill Gallery to grab a bite. The restaurant we went to was called, err, Jake's Charbroiled Steakhouse? Hehe.. Omg, the place there was designed by Japanese, so yea, the place there is really exquisite. It was my first time there anyway. =D So here are some of the pictures taken during the lovely hour we spent together =D :
There ya go, a glimpse at Jake's Charbroiled Steakhouse. Or wutever the name is. Hehe!
Aaaaand, this is our family picture. One of the employees there willingly took our picture. Awh, how nice.
Well, after lunch, dad had to go to see his clients in some hotel. So we decided to go down to Pavillion and do some window shop. Ahh, still can't find the shirt that I want. Went to the bookstore after that, then to baskin robbins. Grahh, I'm feeling guilty. I've been eating like crazy nowadays..
So yeah. Dad will be flying to Mumbai, India tomorrow. He just came back last night though, from Cygon, Vietnam. Mmh.. Well, at least we get to sit down and chat with him. He'll be busy alright, flying here and there in 4 different countries. Oh well.. I'm thankful for the job he has anyway. Long distance father. Hehe! Dad oh dad.. Happy Father's Day anyway. =D Luv ya~!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Oh gosh, k. Was browsing through my mailbox, and I stumbled upon a few pictures that caught my attention. Well, one of the few is :
A public toilet, made of 1-way glass, in which the person inside can see pretty much everything outside, but nobody can see through this glass from the outside. Hmm, I would really love to pay a visit to that toilet. It would be really, err, enjoyable. Hehe!

And oh, I went to my fren's birthday party last night. Had dinner at his own restaurant.. The best thing was, we were reunited with all the close friends we made during our secondary schooling years. Awh, wonder when will we be meeting up like that again. So yea, guess the bill?
Yup, saw it? RM 1603.05. Service charge was like 10% there I think, up to Rm150. Madness.. Oh well, it was a pretty satisfying meal, really filled up my stomach there..

There ya go.. One of the very few pictures they took *with me inside*. Hehe! Yeah, I don't really take alot of pics. Hmm, see that dude with his head tilted in a weird way? Hehe! That's James. Well, wut can I say, some people, never change.

Hmm, i'm getting to the bottom of this. Ahh.. Finally got to watch 17 again. Hmm, yea, it was alright.. Oh, finally got the suit done.. Went there twice today, the first was to do minor adjustments, the second visit was to collect it. Hehe.. So yea, that's bout it. =D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I can't stop laughing =D

Hahahahhahahahahahahahahaha. Omggg, omg! The most unexpected thing happened. Never once I foresaw that this would actually come true. Ahh, will get to that later. Let that curiousity drive you people insane. =D

Hahahaha! Omg la, Mad cow disease. Can't stop laughing. =D Hahahahaha! Hmm. I slept for 10 hours, yeah babe. Thank God for the wonderful sleep I had. Teehee.. Woke up at 1.30pm, had lunch, then continued reading my comic book.. Hehe.. Went down to gym, oh oh, before gym, I dropped by my friend's house to get more of those comic books. Hahaha! So yea, went to gym. Fetched my bro after gym, and here I am, in front of the comp. =D

Alaa.. Hahahahahha... I still can't stop laughing. Okay okay, so here's what happened. A friend of mine, well, to be frank, my prom date, just got together with this guy-friend of hers, also her classmate in her college. Haha! So yea, that eliminates all the crap you ppl have been saying. =P Aaah, can't really tell you people much bout how they got together, cuz if I do, God knows wut'll happen to me. Heheheheh! Well, i'm happy that the 2 of them actually sorted things out. Though there were a few other guys being really unhappy bout this, but, still, hahaha, its a good thing for the 2 of them, the newly-coupled I mean.. Haha, reconciliation of 2 lovebirds. Aww, sexy! Never thought that he had the guts to confess face to face. Ah, I surrender to his courage. Haha! Omg, I have to get to know this guy more. =D

Oh enough said. I'll get hammered by you know who, once I reveal more. =D

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nehh, new car!

Ahh, mom woke me up this morning, around 9.45am? Yea, took my shower, changed and immediately drove the new car out to the park nearby. Here's a few pics of my mom and me, and the car of course. =D

Me, perasan-ing with the new car. =D
My mom and me, ahh, posers. =D The Hernandez!
*Note : The dark circles came from my mom* Hehe!

That's how it looks like from that angle. Dad was supposed to teach us how to take picture of cars, but he went to Indonesia today. Mm..
Yea, those are 3 out of the many pictures we took today. Hehe.. Sent my bro down to Sunway, and went down to Puchong. Was supposed to watch 17 again, but ahh, due to the usual, slow, inconsistent pace of the Government's Staffs, yea, we live in Malaysia, so no doubt, its a slow progressing country. Thanks to them, I couldn't watch 17 again. Had to burn off 7 hours there, supposedly to act as a sacrifical unit to a stressed out friend of mine. Hehe! Yea.. Pity, kena bully. =P
So instead of watching 17 again, I went to watch Hannah Montana with a bunch of guy friends. Omg, it wasn't actually the best experience, cuz they were all guys, that's for sure. Hehe.. Oh well, Hannah Montana, again, was better than I expected. Wuts with all the movies surprising me nowadays? Hmm. The next time I go to the cinemas, I should be bringing higher expectations than before. Hehe.. So yea, that's bout it. =) Craving for rock melon / honeydews now. Ughh.. =D

Monday, June 8, 2009

Utter boredom

Ugh. Nothing unusual happened the whole week long. All I did was badminton, gym, movies, gym, shopping, loitering, and more gym. Burnt off a week doing wut I've been doing since I graduated. Hehe..

Went to 1 Utama today. It's a sunday, so yea, its pretty well packed. Parking wasn't easy to find though, it took us more than a quarter of an hour to finally find one. Yeah, went all the way there to find new clothes to wear. It has been a long time since I've shopped for clothes, so yea..

And ohh, Lum Fung was there promoting some facial cream thingy or something. It was crowded as people were snapping pictures of him and all, chanting his name and bla bla you name it. He's not that good looking, why go all over him? =P

Mm, another week to go.. Again, more movies, more gym, more badminton, more loiterings, more shopping, ugh... Lol, its like I live the same routine over and over again. Mmm hmm... Dad bought a new car, it was delivered 2 nights ago. Will post the picture up here pretty soon. Ahh, will brag bout it in the upcoming post. Hehe!

So yea, that's bout it I think.. Got my shirt for prom, all that is left is a tie to match with.. I did the fittings for the suit a few days ago at the tailors, and yea.. So far so good. =) Aduh, boring.. I'mma go play my games. =D

Monday, June 1, 2009


Ohhh boy. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy. Really, the best day I've had so far this year. My dad just came back from Vietnam yesterday. Haven't seen him cause he came back late last night, and that he will be leaving for India tomorrow. Yea, and the surprising thing is that he's getting a new car!! So, we'll be having 4 cars at home. Ughh, 4 road taxes, 4 tanks to fill, 4 cars to choose to drive everyday, omg! Wheeeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited! Hmm.. Hopefully dad will let me drive the car le. =D

On the other hand, I went down to PJ State with my mom to pay a visit to my father's tailor.. Yep, you guessed it. I'm getting my own suit for prom.. Woo hoo! Which means I've to stay in shape for quite some time to be wearing it. Ahh, sexyyyyy! Its dominant colour is black, with brown and thin white stripes. The pants will be the same in colour. Both the suit and the pants costs Rm750, after getting the generous offer. It'll be a thin one cuz of the new material they'll be using to tailor my suit. Ahh.. Can't wait. Got my own suit at the age of 17, while my dad never even thought of getting one, despite his age. Hehe!!

Ahh, imagine me in my suit, driving the new car to prom. Crap. I'm boasting already. Weeee! Oh, aside from all that joy and happiness, I'd like to thank my mom for today. If it wasn't for her persuasive manner that talked my dad into buying a suit for me, I wouldn't be this happy. And if it wasn't for dad who wisely managed his finances, we wouldn't be overjoyed with the arrival of a new car. Oh I feel so blessed. =) Words couldn't express my heartfelt gratitude towards my parents. It's just, breathtaking. =D