Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ahh, when everyone else has their license, their car, and definitely no class tomorrow, why are there no plans to celebrate Merdeka tonight?! Say, who's up for countdown in Merdeka Square? Or Times Square.. Hmm..

Come on people, ask me out, ask me out!!

No Merdeka spirit....?

52 years since the day we had our first independance. As the years go by, one after another, people nowadays don't seem to be appreciating what was given to us 52 years ago. I see lesser cars having that mini-Malaysian flags on top of their car-roof, lesser flag poles where we used to be able to spot every 500 metres from the first one, less than 5 buildings with the Malaysian flag proudly hung onto the roof, so on and so forth.. 52 years of freedom, and people are already taking it for granted. Remember the days when Mahathir used to be the limelight of Malaysia? Independance Day was never as dull as this year. Yes Najib! You're doing a verrryy good job! The 47th Independance day was probably the most flourished, lavished one I can ever think of. Screw the government. =)

Enough said.

Anyway, I skipped class for the first time. Fell sick, viral infection. Yet miraculously recovered within a day! Hmm.. The last time I had this sickness, it lasted for a week or more. Maybe its the only sickness I'm prone to eh...

So Vicknesh's party was, quite that of a blast. Couldn't enjoy myself cause of the post-sickness symptoms, like headache, joint pains and all. Anyway, its good to be reunited with a couple of old friends.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Aaaaaa. Regular day - College, gym, got stuck in traffic on the way home, and here I am. x) Ahh.. I got called up in the middle of the night by Micheal Bonamutial!! Lol, he's a friend from college, an immigrant from Indonesia. Hehehehe.. Crazy guy who had practically 200 million people to call, but he called me instead. How unfortunate eh.. Anyway, he made a 30-minute long video to be dedicated to his special someone. Hehe.. Lucky girl.. The video was nice, mixture of sexy,romantic songs and things like that.. How creative huh.. I'm impressed. Hehe..

This is how he looks like!!
Right... Dad's flight got delayed, so he'll be coming back tomorrow. He doesn't quite like me being skinny and all.. =( So I have to put on more weight. Heh.. I'll do my best. x)
Yoohh! Will be watching ' I love you Beth Cooper ' tomorrow, at midvalley, hopefully. Hehe.. I want to go Padini sales!! 70%, in ioi.. Argh! Tempting.. Something's wrong with my Proton now.. Engine's becoming gay. Hehe..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Of desperate measures.

Alright alright, I'll update. Geesh! Heh.. I've been told to update my blog over and over again. The thing is, I just don't have anything to share, yet! Plus I'm packed with my things to do and all. Hehe.. You know, college. =)

Malaysia's Independance Day is 7 days away. And I think I lost count of Malaysia's age. Hehe.. I know, patriotic much? Hehe! Secondary schools are having their semester break, while I have to wake up early every morning and dreadfully drag myself down tCrazy eh? o college.. I was late today, cuz I overslept. Turned off the alarm and continued sleeping till 8am.. I just rock don't I? =P Hmm.. Still thinking on whether or not to go to Penang with my collegemates this weekend.. Anyone knows how to deal with low-budget accomodations and stuff like that? Hehe..
I was told to write an essay in class earlier today. They gave me an hour to write an essay with a minimum of 250 words. I took 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete it.. Some friend of mine wrote only 72 words, and he calls it an essay. How cool is that?! Anyway, here's a family picture of us :

I think one or two is/are missing.. Kaveethren isn't in. Hmm..

Right.. I gained 0.5kgs, finally. Hehe.. Despite eating like a glutton.. =P Anyywaaaayyy, Merdeka! Selamat Ulang Tahun ke-?? Malaysia! I really don't know how old Malaysia is anyway. Hehe! God bless me x)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

x) Fever!

Ahh, 3 weeks into college! Time really flies. Heh.. Anyway, I don't have anything to blog about lately, cause all I've been doing is go to college and gym.. Except for the late friday nights that is. Hehe.. Other than that, yeah, and collegemates are all over the word - Gay. Yeah, I started using that word, and, you know, it spreaded like H1N1, a mere pandemic. x)

Hah! After weeks of consideration and loonnnggg dreadful decision-making moments, I finally decided to go for this new look, for my car.. Its called facelifting. x)

The front view

The rear view

Well, I'll be doing it later this week.. Heh.. Hopefully things turn out well. x)
Will be watching District 9 with friends, again. Ahh.. Whatever x)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Heh.. I was telling myself, I keep going to gym, but I don't seem to be growing anymore. But then, this guy at gym introduced me to an ex-Mr.Malaysia. Well, he gave good advices.. He speaks fluent english too! Well I was surprised because he didn't look like he can speak english at all! But yea, every successful dude speaks fluent english. Heh..

Anyway, there are many things that I want to learn. Namely, guitaring! And sewing, gardening.. Perhaps, perhaps, babysitting! Hehe! Equal rights okay. Guys can do whatever girls do, and girls can do whatever guys do. Did my first sewing tryout! It was, well, okay. Heh.. Considering the fact that I never did anything related to embroidery.

Yeeha! Collegemates will be teaching me to play the guitar <3 Oh guitar.. Picture this - Me, strumming my guitar on top of a tree/on top of my car, to my 'someone'. Haha! Hey, someone can be anyone. It could be a guy, I mean, if you want it that way. Hehe! Picture me strumming the guitar 6 months from now, singing like Micheal Learns to Rock! Or Jason Mraz, or Adam Lambert. Heh.. Anyway, we'll be playing basketball tomorrow, just for the sake of having fun. Haha..

3rd week into college and it just feels as if I've been in college for, as long as I've been in secondary high. Its just, awesome!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Ahh, okay. So, comparatively, G.I Joe is not as good as The Proposal. The cinematographies in G.I Joe was too fast paced and waaay too futuristic. Not quite that of my favourite types of movies, but yeah, it was okay, overall. G.I Joe was around 2 hours long? Its quite long for a show, but it wasn't brief enough. So it wasn't enjoyable. And oh, there'll be a second sequel to it. Heh..

The Proposal was good! I love the main actor <3 But I don't know his real name.. Hmm, sad. Anyway, the touchy parts of the movie made my eyes wet. Yesss, I teared up, but tears did not roll down my cheeks. Its different. Heh..

Now, who wants to watch Ghost of Girlfriends Past with me?! =D
*Note : Strictly for sensitive people only!* Hehe!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Cathy Nguyen! Love at first sight.

Credit goes to Marilyn Ting Sze Cian, for bringing her in my life. LOL! <3

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hah. It has been quite a while since I last updated my blog. Well, I started college, that was one of the million reasons why. College was fun, heh. The first day of studying in college, and I already skipped a class. It was, unintentional.

We were told to form a group of 5 today, ended up having 6 people in my group. Then we selected a leader. Guess who? Yeah. My friend from Sri Lanka, but raised in Dubai, said :

Hammad : Matt, you be the leader.
Me : What?? Why me?
Hammad : Cause you're cool.

Lol, okay. Since the rest of the group didn't want to, you know, willingly become the leader, so why not? Heh. And we named our group APE, which stands for Asia Pacific Eagerbeavers. Lol.. I know, I rock. Hehe!

I was chatting last night when my friends started to tease another friend of mine. He got so fed up, and his trend was to NOT use vulgarities AT ALL. So he came up with this, "Stop talking the fish chatting." Heh, I shall not reveal his full name, but he goes with the name Ccs, in short.

Hmm, come to think of it, quotes are sexy. I saw this fan in gym, and I thought, "If a rolling stone gathers no moss, why does a spinning fan gathers dust?" Heh.. Just a random thing. =D