Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Just had my haircut! Awesome! Went to A Cut Above earlier on, had Daphne to get the hair done. My usual stylist. She got promoted. Heh..

Hmm, brother's watching Borat in front of me. Odd.. Finished one of the many assignments, 2 assignments left to complete.. Megasale is coming! Mom's asking me to spend, again, odd..

Crap. Don't even know what to write.. Ugh.. Well, MU lost to Liverpool 0-2, that's one surprise. I'll just play the guitar.. Pretty bored now. x)

Friday, October 23, 2009

What a day..

Aah. What was supposed to be the best week of the month just had to be ruined by a day of unfortunate chained of events.

Okay, good news first. Dad surprised the family by getting this 50' Plasma Tv, and a Blu-Ray player as well. He just love surprising us all, just like the way he surprised us with his Audi. Then dad approved of me to buy a laptop, which was also surprising. Oh well, times are good.

Hmm.. Well what happened was during basketball earlier today, a friend of mine lost his balance and knocked his head against my lips. It bled, but he wasn't to be blamed.. After all that, we decided to have dinner.. I was pretty upset when I had to cram 7 people in my car, which was what started everything. Was driving in a bad crawl, cut into a lane and got honked [ =.= ], then I accidentally rammed into a truck, but the damage wasn't obvious thank God, but still, I was pretty frustrated.

Ever felt like you've been used, just because you have a driver's license? Hmm.. Everything is just, screwed.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Where are you when I need you the most..?

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yeeaaaah! Imagine driving in a car, with 4 friends winding down the windows and screaming at random people as we drove past them in the middle of the night. Cool! But not to the extent where I get chased and beaten up by people of course, but it was cool. Was racing in broad daylight around college, very nice indeed.

Heh, Multi Cultural Night was awesome. Punjabis were dancing the floor off! Talked to this other model, but couldn't find her for a picture session after the modelling thing was done. Whaaat a waste, ugh.. But anyway, pictures are up in facebook, not much taken though.. And oh, the runway walk was taken in a video, so yea. Heh.. It was unexpectedly better than all my previous practice.. Sexaay!

Oh, watch FarCry! It's good in a sense that, well, its just good. Heh.. Been busy with assignments and all, eating so much that I think that I'm gaining weight. Mmm..

Anyway, I'm off to the showers. Hotel California~