Thursday, November 26, 2009

Aaaahh! x)

Exams just ended!! Well it ended on Wednesday. Heh.. Exam was good.. Second semester starts like next week. Ugh, foundation.. Timetable is out! Will be having class like 6 days a week.. Sheesh.

Going to celebrate friend's birthday tomorrow, then probably watch Twilight on Saturday.. Hmm.. Public holidays rocks! x)

And oh, recommend songs for me to play on the guitar! Cause I ran out of songs to learn. Heh.. Learnt too many songs.. Well I guess that its a good thing.

Will be going for a trip with my friends to Langkawi Island, again, the day after Christmas.. My holidays will start like on the 21st of December, which will only last for like, 2 weeks or so? And all my foreign friends will go back to their country.. Ugh. Plus my family would most probably go to Vietnam for vacations, and that I don't think that I'll be able to join them cause of the hectic plans and all. Sad..

Well, that's that. =D

Aaaahh! x)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ahh.. I'm having exams at the moment. Good news is it'll end on Wednesday! Wont be updating, wait, I haven't been updating! There weren't anything to blog about anyway, so yea. x) Till then, see yaah!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy 18th!

Ahh.. Well, not exactly one of the best birthdays I've ever had, but it was splendid!

First of, I had seafood 2 nights in a row, and have not been working out since Thursday. Feeling extremely guilty now. Hehe! But still, I love food, so no harm done.

Ughh.. On the 6th, after my birthday celebration, I sent my friend, who lives in Cheras, Alam Damai, home. Who knew that there was a police road block just 3 minutes away from his house.. Darn luck. The car was overloaded, with just 1 extra person.. What a lucky night. Was asked to wait by the roadside, gave him to see my Ic and license, and he was asking me where I came from, cause I don't speak malay like, normal Malaysians do.. I told him I was having this birthday celebration, and that I was sending him home after that..

Cool right, to be caught in that situation.. Fortunately for me I wasn't issued a ticket, but a warning instead.. You know, being me, influential and persuasive talking and all. =P

Second thing was, that night itself, I stayed over at my friend's house in Savanna condominium.. The very next day, I planned another dinner with my smk friends. Before leaving Savanna, I found my car clamped in the parking lot. I was like, screw, what a bummer.. My birthday gift eh.. Had to fork out another Rm50 just to unclamp the car.. Awesome.

Went home, saw mom, talked to her for a while and all.. Haven't been staying at home for quite some time now.. Been so busy since Thursday.. Dad's not home to celebrate birthday with us, but still, its all good cause dad took us out for dinner the week before. Love ya mom and dad!

Ugh, pictures are still not uploaded.. I'm beginning to wonder what my friend is doing, the photographer. =P

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ugh. All American Reject's concert was good. It was my first concert though. Heh.. It was conducted outdoor, which was at the bukit jalil stadium's car park. It drizzled a little, people were smoking all over. Malay guys were chicken-fighting too. Well, basically it was just a group of guys, forming up in a small circle and push 2 guys in and out of the circle. It was very, agitating. Had to ridiculously wait for half an hour for the AAR to get their musical instruments ready.. Saw Ean and Natalie from, and some local bands. They all did good though. Msia boleh!

Had dinner with parents last night. It was splendid! Though I didn't eat steak, but still, it was good! Went to Jake's Charbroiled Steakhouse at Damansara.. Then headed down to my uncle's place to tour his new house. It was a nice house! All he needs now is a gardener to manage the frontyard. Heh..

Will be having a mini test this Friday. Screeww! Plus its 3-5pm! I soo wish that I could skip it.. But ugh, it contributes to the final results, so yea.. Disappointing. He had to conduct it on the 6th, the 6th!! Don't know if I'll be having other plans or not, cause half of the day will be spent in college. Sighhh.. Whatever. =(

Anyway, progression with the guitar is going good. Exam's on the 23rd-25th. 2nd semester's around the corner, and another trip to Pulau Langkawi in December! Don't know if I can go to Vietnam with my family though. Hopefully we'll be given at least a week off. Ugh, foundation programme is just so cramming..

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Back to guitaring! =D