Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A purrrrfect weekend!

Alright. So much has been explained by the title itself. What made it a perfect weekend? Well, I insanely, insanely love cars. The faster the cars, the more enthusiastic I go. Don't believe me? Have me seated in your car and when a supercar passes by, you'll know how freakishly enthralled I get.

Ohgay, so! It was the 7th International Automotive Show, held in Putra World Trade Center, hence the short name PWTC. Oh just so you know, my awesome dad designed the kitchen for PWTC. That was what, a couple of years before I was born? Damn. Cool.

Moving on, the automotive show lured tens of thousands of horse enthusiasts! Horsepower nontheless. Car freaks, photographers, models and you name it! Everyone was there. It was verrrrry much overcrowded. Anyway, let the pictures do the talking aite?

That many people, all purchasing tickets or filling up lucky draw forms. It was around 3pm, Sunday the 7th.

See? That many people went! Imagine how much they could've earned just by selling tickets! It's Rm20 per head, just so you know.

Before entering PWTC. The Ferrari Club KL.
*Note the Ambulance? Yah. Someone might just faint seeing that many ferraris all lined up.*

Personally, this stood out amongst the Ferraris. Perhaps the colour played a role innit?

The rest of the Ferraris.

And more Ferraris. This one belongs to that kid. Yes, I'm not kidding.
Okay I was kidding. ;)

See how much attention the Ferraris got?

Chevrolet Cruze!

Perodua Infinite. Essentially a Myvi, so yeah. Wait for the New Myvi to come out though.

Bumblebee! Chevrolet Camaro! Sexaay!

Hot, hot ass! No, not the model. Just the car. No wait, I changed my mind. They're both hot. HAHA

3 Camaros! Niceee!

A 400k Car. You'd be better off getting the GTR-35. Sexy, nontheless.
Yeah, be amazed-not. Its a Proton. I can never understand why they showcased this car. It's called the Evolusi-G, whereby G stands for? Gullwing? No that's the door. Garbish! This is not worth displaying. Disappointing, Proton!
Ahhhh! Nissan GTR-35! GTR-35 baby!!

I really have no clue as to how Nissan can make a better car than this. How can it better this car?!
Behold the monstrous Nissan. I'll get one, I swear. Don't laugh, I'm serious.
Proton Jebat! Yes, Proton. Heavily modified Proton Inspira, or Mitsubishi Evo 10, so you say.
Side view of the Proton Jebat.
There were others though, Proton Tuah, Lekir, Lekiu and this, the Jebat. Jebat was the most beautiful anyway. 'nuff said.
Kia Optima, the 2004-05 batch. That was then, check the new one out.

The all new Kia Optima. SEXY! Well done Kia! Great work by Peter Schreyer, once a designer for Audi.
Rear view of the Optima. Thinking of getting one? Yea. Get it. Hot car!
Another good product of Kia! The Kia Forte Koup! 2-Doored version of the Original Forte.

Maserati! *Speechless* Awesome? Very.

Oh that model? Pay Rm15 to take pictures with her! And all of Naza Italia's car. So worth it. The money goes to Charity though. :)
Ferrari 458 Italia. HOT!!!

Rolls Royce! My dad sat in it once. *Drools*

Aston Martin and Lamborghini! Who wouldn't want to drive one?!

The Toyota FT-HS. Said to be a replacement for Toyota Celica. Has 400bhp I heard? Cool.

Honda Civic! Yup, Civic. Europe model though, so don't be surprised. :)

Ahhh, I think I spent around 4 hours walking, no wait, squeezing through PWTC. It was very much enjoyable. I went with dad though. Just him and me. We had fun! I was drained though, so so exhausted. I slept after having lunch with dad at SS2, had yong tau foo. Heh, thanks dad! Love ya heaps!

So my awesome mom went to cooking class today, yes, cooking class. She's not a newbie, if that's what you're thinking. She does cook, but over the past years I've eaten the same dishes over and over, so I politely told mom that I got bored of home cooked food. But my mom took it well, she enjoyed cooking more than she ever did! Somehow I regret telling her to learn to cook - more dishes. You know, I became fat because my mom used to bake like hell, sometimes 2 cakes a week! Well that was 10 years back, so I don't blame her anyway. Heh. So here are a few pictures I took during our dinner.

Curry chicken.

Curry Lamb. I've been eating Lamb since last Saturday! Oh help me! I need fat burning pills now. :(

Ooooooh pasta! With mushrooms, lil bit of chillies and what not.

And last but not least, my dinner plate. HAHAH! I'm soooo not professional at this. I wouldn't want to be one too anyway. I'll stick to being a car enthusiast. :D

Well, that pretty much sums up my week. Awesome! I repeat, awesome! I remember how I used to annoy my mother using that word 'Awesome'. She thinks I watched too much tv. HAHA! Awesome mommy, awesome! Ohh, time to find my 'g-friend' now. Hee! Buhbye!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A lost bet

Alright, simple enough. I lost a bet with Eunice, in which I am required to blog about the most memorable moment we spent together.

Okay okay, save your enthusiasm. Go hype out somewhere else. Heeee.. Alright so here goes.

The most memorable moment I spent with Eunice was, well, it had to be the time when we sat down by the brown sandy beach in Pantai Cenang, Pulau Langkawi, just as it started to drizzle. I had no clue to why we actually spent time talking to each other under the rain, but heck, it was so, so, so romantic! Prior to that scene, we were having beach soccer! It was just the few of us playing anyway, until it started to drizzle. The rest of the guys did not want to get wet, so yah, they went into their chalets, played poker cards instead. I was about to do the same until Eunice said she wanted to play under the rain. I think I got 'dared' to do it though. Hehe! Sorry am being in denial. =P.

And so I did. I agreed to accompany her that one night, by the beach. It wasn't long though, how sad. We sat for a few minutes, played sands, had a handful of conversations, then the rain started to really pour. Screw you rain! So she had to go back in. And so I shouted *Oiii I love you!*, in my heart of course. Hahah just kidding!

I stayed there though. Not wanting to go back to my own chalet. And so I laid on my back by the beach as the currents gushed up towards my ARMPIT! Nahhhh, not that high up. Teehee! Moving on, yep, you must be wondering why on earth I decided to stay there, lying on my back. I was merely in deep thoughts. I kept convincing myself that I did feel something. Something new, something special, something extraordinary. I told myself to give this a chance, to give us a chance. It was all that seemed right at that very moment. She came in at precisely the very moment I needed to experience something new. So I spent a few more minutes just lying down by the beach, counting stars, singing songs, and thinking deep. It was a decision I never regretted!

It was a decision that led me, to you. <3

What made today, today

To be frank, I think I just spent 2 hours on a roller coaster ride, a ride of emotions.

It was actually very, very dreadful. It wasn't mind boggling, no. Nor was it an enjoyable thing to do. Yeah, you were brilliant. The way you blurted it all over your 'diary' actually made me 'time-travelled'. It was, that damn good. Heh.. Then again, today wouldn't sum up to the way it is had I stayed happy! It wasn't something I would regret, but nah, I'm glad it happened.

It was in May, wasn't it? When it seemed like the world just came crashing down on you, burying all the little fantasies that were going round and round in that head of yours. Uh huh, it did. Truthfully, I had no idea. There's a saying that 'Guys are more interested in the chase, rather than the catch'. True enough, I firmly believe there are many out there who live their lives based on that thesis. Heh, you have no idea how many though. Perhaps almost all.

Blah, I know it was too much for you to handle. I've seen it all, I've read it all, I've felt it all. Perhaps I've not seen things in your perspective, the way you see things as it is. I took many things for granted in which, in many cases will go unknown to me. But I'm thankful to know at least a few things that I may have overlooked. And for that I'm grateful. I saw how miserable your life was, all because of me. I saw how jubilant you were, because of me too. I somewhat feel like, being your chauffeur. Not just by the wheel, but I hope, I'll be your chauffeur in all ways possible in your life. I want to drive you crazy.

I never knew you could hang on to me for so long. I know that you've gone an extra mile just trying to obliterate my face off your brains. You never succeeded. Heh.. I admire your strength, your courage, and your perseverance. They say good things come in small packages, and you are the living proof of that saying! Whoever came up with that proverb should see you eh? Hee.. He'd be astonished, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I still remember when I asked you for your blog url. You gave me manmandeng.blogspot.com. Seriously, 慢慢等?! I guess I wasn't paying much attention to it, so I just typed it in the address bar. Then only I realized it was a joke. Oh and to those who don't know what man man deng is, it means 'Slowly Wait'. Heh.. It's directly translated from mandarin, so yah, you all get it. Not to say that I'm in denial, but I think I was really busy doing something else, thus paying less attention to it. She still laughs at it whenever I bring that up though. Heh.. It was a hard punch to my face, really. I'm not easily fooled k =P. And she did a good job pulling it off, cause I was busy doing my own thing! Ish, she took advantage of it and really, it was embarrassing, very very embarrassing. Anyway good job hun, you tricked me!

Heh.. Hun, really, tell me. What on earth are you made of? I'd like to see someone of your calibre, someone, at least, half of who you are. Other than my mom that is, haha! You know, I wish I could take back whatever I threw at you over the years, since getting to know you. You are such a sponge! You absorb every darn thing! Nevertheless, I bet it was all worth it ei? Of all the big things that you have done for me, and yet the little things seem to matter more. I love you kay? ;)

I pursue all the good things life has to offer. I don't wait for it to come to me. It does apply to certain things in life, and I acknowledge it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Throughout my 19 years of life, I've met people from all walks of life. And it is the people that I have met and mingled with that are responsible for shaping and moulding me, in which, has made me who I am today.

Two thousand ten was the year that opened me up to the many things I had not seen before me for the past, well, many years. I learnt to love and to be loved, to appreciate and to be appreciated, and to give and take. I took it all for granted – Money, attention, admiration, you name it. Everything was so easily available for me that I never thought of the blood, sweat and tears that were shed of all the materialism that was being given and exposed to me at such a young age. Then again, it was before, not now. I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks and to show my appreciation to a selected few who have changed the way I think, act and perceive.


  • A man whose greatness as a father overwhelms his eldest son
  • A man who has done things that has touched people around him with little knowledge that he did
  • A man his eldest son looks up to, idolises, and is a role model to him
  • A man who goes the extra mile to ensure the safety and security of his family
  • A man who never, never fails to impress me

Despite his hectic schedules, work and the hours he spent working overseas, I never felt alone. Mom was always talking about him, telling us stories of what made mom so attached to him. All in all, dad showed me a lot of things.

I love you dad, if it was not for you and your principles, I wouldn't be what I am today. I remember mom telling me how you used to sing Everything I do I do it for you by Bryan Adams. I think of you every time I hear that song, and I mean every time, and without fail. You're the best dad in the world!

I dedicate the song back to you dad, Everything I do, I do it for you.



  • A woman who has singlehandedly raised three boys
  • A woman whose dreams are big, broad and endless
  • A woman so fond of books that I think her brain expanded by 10%, hehe..

Mom has always been my pillar of support, ever since I was a kid. Mom showed no biasness when it comes to treating her children, and she treats her children fair and equal. She sent us to many classes in the past, just to make sure that our talents are being surfaced.

Mom, you've done so much for us. You've always been supportive and helpful. I enjoyed all the conversations we had in the Philippines. The trip was memorable, and please don't tease me with the fonz and what not lar.. Haha.. My mom's quite a naughty girl too!



I've spent all my life growing up with 2 younger brothers. We start off by quarrelling while we were young, to punching and wrestling whilst approaching puberty, and what do we do now? We talk. We laugh and giggle at the things we do when we were young. Here's a list of the silly things we did in the past:

  1. We made the drain in front of our house an 'Aeroplane'
  2. Climbed trees and made it our 'Operating Base'
  3. Washed cars with dad which eventually turned into a shower – we were running around naked I think?
  4. Played with mom's lipstick [ Sam actually ate the lipstick? ] *Please LOL here*
  5. Dressed up a Winnie the Pooh Bear the size of a 4 year old kid with Mom's undergarments! Hahahahahahha!!!!
  6. Threw wet tissues to the ceiling of the toilets – it remained there for years
  7. Urinated on one of our old housemaid's bed – which we felt bad
  8. Burned small flowers thinking that it will pop like a firecracker *Ps, it was my neighbour's bright idea*
  9. Played table tennis on a piano chair
  10. Spent hours loitering in an abandoned lorry

Heheh, sweet memories. Though I rarely get home early enough to see my brothers, they will always be my brothers. We're growing up now. Maybe this less-seeing-one-another life prepares us for life in the future eh? In short, I love you my brothers!



Mmm.. Life in 2010 couldn't get any better without you. It has been a rollercoaster ride, the kind that goes up and up, and up, without ever coming down!

Here's what I like about her. She's smart, very intellectual, hard working and respects her parents like no other. She's by a mile, the most matured person I have ever met of her age. She amazes me to an extent where I told myself 'Hey, I think she's more matured than I am!' Yeah, I really did. She may seem like a happy-go-lucky, cute, adorable young girl, but that's not what won me over. She gave me a better insight of what life has to offer, and has constantly been supportive of the decisions that I make.

Hun, I may have not seen the many bold characteristics that you possess in the past, but I believe what happened between us back then gave us this opportunity to make it up to one another. I never expected things to go this way.. Heh.. It took us both, and the people revolving around us by surprise!

Anyhow, 2010 has been a blast. And I look forward to what the future has in mind for us. Teehee! *Hugs!*

I dedicate these 2 songs to you, 你不知道的事 by 王力宏, and
How do I live by LeAnn Rimes. Love youuu!


Well, to everyone else not mentioned here, and to everyone that I have, I'd like to dedicate this song Couldn't Ask For More, by Edwin McCain, for each and every one of you had at least mould or chipped me.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

True stories!

Well these stories aren't mine, I just picked a few good ones to share about. Heh.. You can actually go to www.love.givesmehope.com. Much more stories there! Heh..


Two weeks ago, our drummer died.

I've loved him ever since we met, but I was afraid that would cause tension in our band.

On his deathbed, I joked, asking him what would happen when he met an angel.

He smiled and kissed me. "Well, I'd tell them all about you and make them jealous."

He died 2 hours later, with my hand in his. His LGMH


15 years ago, two kids fell in love with each other.

The girl then had to move 1500 miles away, but the boy promised he would find her one day.

Last year, she was in the hospital. The doctor walked in and said, "I told you I would find you one day."

We are getting married in a month. LGMH


I told my best friend that I felt so un-loved.

He hung up on me, and I burst into tears, thinking he didn't care about me.

30 minutes later, the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find him standing there, skateboard in hand.

He lives a city away. He pulled me into his arms, and told me he loved me.


My boyfriend and I have been dating since the 7th grade. We are now 24, and married.

We first met in kindergarten when he threw a crayon at me.

Then in the 7th grade, he threw the same color crayon at me, with a homemade wrapper saying, "Will you be my girlfriend?"

The crayon was there at our wedding. His memory GMH.


A girl met a boy when she was 15.

The girl got picked on a lot and one day, a group of boys decided to steal her clothes and put them through the tech room's shredder.

The boy sacrificed his dignity and gave the girl his pants and only wore boxers the rest of the day.

That was 8 years ago, and our wedding is tomorrow. I love you Sam. Your love GMH


My best friend, whom I have always loved dearly, lives four hundred miles away.

While on the phone, he asks, "What would you do if I showed up at your house and told you I've always loved you with all my heart and soul?"

I replied, "I would be astonished."

I heard a knock on my door.


One day, a 17 year old girl slipped into a coma.

A boy she always had a crush on, but thought he never knew she existed, visited her every day, telling her how much he loved her.

For a week he did this until she finally woke up, with the words "I love you" ringing in her ears.

We have been married now for 5 years. Jason your LGMH.


Last night for homework, our class was assigned to write a report on our "dream person."

Today in class we were peer editing each other's papers. My crush and I always partner up, and so we peer edited each other's.

When I looked at his paper, it only had a single word on it:


Hahaha.. Bottom line is, they really do make you go 'Awwww'. Check it out! =)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


My life! Would suck! Without youuu!

Ahhh, Glee's version is not too bad either.. Hmm, never thought that song would inspire me now. Heh.. Odd..

Well, awh, she left, for Australia! Will be coming back on the 14th.. Now tell me, is that long? Ugh, cause, its June already. Then again, argh, college! I've an assignment due this Friday.. Cekap la, haven't even started. Hah!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Wow, June already.. That means there's only two months left till I complete my foundations! Then again, it'll be a not-so-happy ending, though I complain countless times that college is, and really is tiring, frustrating, stressful and what not, it also may be the last time I'll ever get to meet my college buds! Especially those international ones.. Awh.. Oh well, on the brighter side of it, I'll get to move on to Degree, which I don't think I'm ready for it yet, but still, chances of going to Degree are high, since dad doesn't really want me to work.

Heh.. Here comes the 10-day long wait! Wonder how will I make it through this week.. Its not going to be easy! Argh.. Ehh, you'll be coming back on the eh-emm 14th right? Hehe! I'll miss you! =P


Belvinder Singh Homo Sidhu, Jay Gaydar, Jasreen Rubeni, Kelly, Michael Bongakmutial, NicoLUSH Rianta, Aries Pratamaaaaaaaaak, Tutatet, Sugla Vinaay, Kaveethren my brethren, Giovani, Diana, Amel, dan juga si Amy..... Hahahahah! I'll miss you guys! But not as much for the Malaysians la, but we'll miss you all, internationals!

Iranians Masoud, Mehran, Habib and Amir Chini! Indonesians Michael, Giovani, Diana, Aries, Nicolas, Amelia, Robin and Eric! The one and only 'pure' Indian, Jay Girdhar! The one and only, again, Myanmarian, Myat Htoo Htet! Ugandan, Nasser! Maldivians, Arshii, Hainum, Shaal, Naeem, Hisaan! Haha.. I'll miss you guys lar.. A graduation party should do good eh.. Malaysians, you know who you are, we all hate ourselves despite the government's efforts to unify us all. Hehe! Naah, we'll miss each other wont we? Bellohomo? Sugla, stop being nonsensical and start treating my car like how you want me to treat your car... =P

Yeah.. Its less than 2 months till we depart, lets not do our assignments. Fail the exam, resit together. Hahahahah! God speed ya'll!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It matters, doesn’t it..

Hmm.. Sometimes I feel, the distance we're being kept apart makes me feel at ease,

rather than being together, seeing each other..

Is it me or its just, me being irrational.. Ish..

Friday, May 28, 2010

Of hopes..

Uh.. This feeling, its indescribable..

Heard this song over the radio minutes ago,

Felt suitable..

Hate Me – Blue October

I have to block out thoughts of you, so i don't loose my head
They crawl in like a cockroach leaving babies in my bed
Dropping little reels of tape to remind me that I'm alone
Playing movies in my head that make a porno feel like home
There's a burning in my pride, a nervous bleeding in my brain
An ounce of peace is all I want for you, Will you never call again?
And will you never say that you love me just to put it in my face
And will you never try to reach me, it is I that wanted this

Hate me today
Hate me tomorrow
Hate me for all the things I didn't do for you
Hate me and wait, yeah wait for it to swollow
Hate me so you can finally see whats good for you

(Verse 2)
I'm sober now for 3 whole months, it's one accomplishment that you helped me with
The one thing that always tore us apart is the one thing that I won't touch again
In a sick way I want to thank you for holding my head up late at night While I was busy waging wars on myself, you were trying to stop the fight
You never doubted my warped opinoins on things like suicidal hate
You made me compliment myself when it was way too hard to take
So I'll drive so fucking far away that I'll never cross your mind
And do whatever it takes in your heart to leave me behind

Hate me today
Hate me tomorrow
Hate me for all the things I didn't do for you
Hate me and wait, yeah wait for it to swollow
Hate me so you can finally see whats good for you

(Verse 3)
And when the sad hard eyes say bye to you and wave
Kicking shadows on the street for every mistake that I have made
And like a baby boy I never was a man
Until I saw your blue eyes cry and I held your face in my hand
And then I found out I can't make it go away, just make it stop
Come back and shine just like it used to be
And then she whispered "How could you did this to me?"

Hate me today
Hate me tomorrow
Hate me for all the things I didn't do for you
Hate me and wait, yeah wait for it to swollow
Hate me so you can finally see whats good for you, for you, for you, for you...

Mmm.. I don't feel so good. Sigh..


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Of Hardships..

Put me through hell,

for at the end of the day,

when all the miseries I've been through come to an end,

I know,

she's worth all that,

of what I've been through..


Sunday, April 11, 2010



I.. think I acted irrationally.. I had no idea of what I felt, nor what made me feel that way. It was just an act of impulse.. I came home to you, thinking that you fell asleep. So I bought a lil more time, I took my time up there, praying. Am sorry if I kept you waiting.. 我改次不会再酱的..

I admire your strength,
I admire your perseverance.
I admire your level of tolerance,
And I admire you for who you are..

All these while I thought I was doing good, but come to think of it, I was at the very least of my own expectancy. Its just, how I feel of myself. I wish I could make it up to you in any way possible, but I know for sure that you'll always forgive me. No, not that I take it for granted, but I somehow envy you, of what you're capable of despite your young age. If I were you, as a guy, as myself, I'd be ashamed if I were to be compared to you.. Heh.. You're shaping me you know.. Ily, IRRD..

I know that this will carve a smile on your face that'll stretch from your sink to your toilet bowl, but I'm not risking it. Hehe! Thanks for it all! <3

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Of wisdom..

Hmm.. Say there's a uh, no not one, two beautiful hens, and not too far from the hens stood the breeder. But of course, being the breeder, raising those two beautiful hens, all those time spent raising the hens comes down to a point where the breeder has to put the hens on sale. Nah, its not a story, just, imagine.

So one day, whilst feeding the hens, a potential buyer comes up to the breeder and says "Hey, I'd like to buy a hen, one that is healthy, good looking and lays good eggs." The breeder recommended his two best hens. A lil bit of talking here and there, comparisons were drawn as the potential buyer got to know the hens more and more, say, for 2 weeks they negotiated. Finally, the buyer bought the prettier, more healthy looking and active hen. But not the one the breeder recommended. He was very happy with the hen though. He wakes up every morning, and the first thing that came to his (potential buyer) mind was the hen he bought. He would, sometimes, spend the whole day with his hen!

Nevertheless, the breeder was disappointed that his best hen was not bought. The breeder was not happy that the buyer chose appearance over, well, personality perhaps. Remember, I'm being metaphoric. The hen that was never bought felt sad, cause she knew from the start when she saw the buyer, and being compared to as the top 2 hens of the breeder, she knew that all hope was gone. There was nothing in for her.

As time goes by, the hen that was bought felt proud to be with her new owner, hence the hard headedness surfaced. Many years of raising the hen came to an abrupt disclosure of a streamline of negative impressions. The breeder was terribly saddened by his findings. Although the breeder knew that the sold hen was not the best choice despite its appearance, he had better not divulge all that he felt to the buyer.

Heh.. Am sorry to be metaphoric, I cannot reveal names nor anything in between. Its just, a sad thing to see you treat others like that. It's a thing that I've learned to cope with since the day I got to know you. But its just going overboard. Where's the wisdom, wait, has education not brought you any wisdom ever since stepping into kindergarten? Of what use is a pretty face, if deep down you're not what you are as seen by the likes of us? We have feelings and emotions too. Whatever you do unto others, be sure to think twice before acting upon it. Heh.. All these years, futility. I feel hopeless seeing what I thought was a good friend of mine, in turn, all that I could feel was:


Sunday, March 28, 2010


Mmm.. What I feel for you is too great to even abuse it..
It's just nice.
Tucking you to bed, putting you to sleep..
Satisfaction. =)

Monday, March 22, 2010


Every time I heard a rattle I thought it was you.
How I wish you could feel how I felt when you weren't there..
Then you would understand..
I never got to sleep the whole while..

Ugh.. What a dreadful day. Thought it was going to be a blissful one, but nah, I disappoint myself. Just finished badminton.. Don't feel like eating.. Presentation tomorrow.. Mmph.. I'll just, sleep..

Btw, all the best for tomorrow's run k.. Don't force yourself to it, just do your best.. Ily, nights..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Port Dickson!

Aaaahhhh! "Exams, a month away.. Chill.." That was what I told myself a fortnight ago. Now? Shit. Exam's 2 weeks away! Time flies, like literally! March is coming to an end.. Oh whatever, don't want to beat myself up because of exams and all. On the bright side of it, semester 2 will end in two weeks time. Now isn't that a more pleasant approach compared to, exams in two weeks? =P

Port Dickson. Not an ideal place to walk on the beach nor swim in it, but this place, where I'm currently staying says otherwise. It's called 'The Legend Water Chalet.' Villas built on ocean bed, completely furnished with an INDOOR swimming pool and a see-through glass on the floor.. Very well designed.. In fact its fully booked now. There were no parking spots left for us to park our car after dinner.. 3 days 2 nights stay, and we did nothing on the second day. All I did was I had a short swim shortly after waking up, sauna-ed for, say, 10 minutes? Then jumped in the 4-feet-deep pool after sauna-ing.. Had KFC for lunch, and tonnes of other junk food. But hey, I lost 1.3kgs without passing motion despite eating that much. All the more reasons to eat more fried chickens..

Mmph.. Aduh, Carol oh Carol. Your latest blogpost was sooooo long! Anyway I feel happy for the 2 of you.. Try not to be jealous much k. Hehe!

Monday, come quick! I want to see youuuuuuuuuu! Its been 2 days now. Heh..

To 08's 5Cemerlang, keep me updated bout the Redang Trip or wherever our destination is for June's holiday k! And make sure its between 5th-20th of June k! Look forward to it! =)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ugh, college has been, awkward. Semester two is coming to an end, and I'm thankful for it. That means there's a month more for me to get the heck out of college and continue gymming! Its a sad thing being loaded with assignments and not having much time to go to the gym. Beats me to see myself ballooning back to what I was before. But nah, I don't 'hot-hot chicken shit', so don't use that against me. I have a life.

Presentation's over! Dockets, I have. All the more reasons to skip class. Bwahah! Mom's in Philippines, dad will be coming back from Vietnam/Indonesia tonight, and my brother drove the Audi to tuition. I was like, shit, he's driving.

Will be going back to school this Friday to get my SPM Cert.. Hopefully, with a group of friends.. Then prolly a tour around the school and greet friends, stuff like that.

Ahh.. February ended just like that. Its towards the middle of March now, and exam's on the 29th. 3rd semester will start the week after. I want to go for holidays! Ugh, I miss Langkawi..

Anyways, I've gotta get going. Group discussion coming up and I still haven't taken my shower! =D

Sry for the late updates anyway, very busy. =x

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Speaking of being ecstatic!

Ahhhhhhhhhh! I want to go to Redang Island! Mmmmmphhh! This june, I hope. =S

Friday, February 19, 2010


This part of my life have you coloured.. And I'm glad that I've told you what was untold. At least, I felt at ease. That was the easy part.. Us, not to say the hard part, well, say, the challenging part. Aahh.. =)

There goes being single! Hmm, should I still wear the 'Singleman' shirt? =P

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Ugh.. Imagine yourself walking down a pathway, and at the end of the road, were 2 more roads, and both pathways lead to similar pros and cons.

That, is how I feel at this very minute. I don't know which decision to make, cause I already have what I've been wanting for all these while.. I just can't decide. I have 23 hours left to make up my mind, or wait for another month for this opportunity to come by..

Yes, its Valentines Day. And I, have 2 choices in mind. Gee.. Fantastic..

Monday, February 1, 2010

Food frenzy!!

Foooooooood!!! Well yea, Chinese New Year is just 14 days away, and my oath to obey my strict diet eventually succumbed to the temptation of these salivating, mouth watering foods! Anyway I usually pamper myself with food on Mondays, just Mondays. Went to Subang Parade today. Went to Swensens to be precise, with Eunice! Well it was her first time there, so yea, plus I'm familiar with Subang, so, yea. =D

Well, here are, just a few pics actually. Heh!

Cheese baked rice served with chicken! ( Swensens )

I kinda messed up the order of the pictures, cause there were pictures taken on 2 different occasions, so, yea =D
Chocolate Banana Waffle ( FBI - Food Beverage & Ice ) Restaurant

Shrimp Salad ( Swensens ) This one's pretty good!

Chocolate Banana Shaved Ice ( FBI ) Restaurant. Fantastic one!!
The good old Banana Split! ( Swensens )
This one cost me Rm20! Heheh..

Apparently rich dudes in Subang aren't afraid of Grand Theft Auto, cause I saw two Ferraris, Porsche Cayman, Hummer H3, Nissan GTR 35, a few BMW M3s, the latest Audi TT, and God knows what other cars were there. And they were all seen in Subang Parade! Gee! I'm envious. I want one of those mentioned above!! Ahhh!

Hmm, I bought 3 clothes and a jeans, in conjunction with CNY. Still thinking of buying a few more tops.. And ugh, I don't think I'll be wanting another guitar. Not for now, at least. Tight on cash =S

House is under renovation. Mom wants the kitchen extended, so yea, dad agreed to it, heheh.. Mom's going to buy a new fridge and a new washing machine! She gets all the gadgets she wants eh. Hehe! Anyway, I'm eager to see the new kitchen. Even the kitchen has an air conditioner now!

Oh well, am supposed to do my assignment with Bel and Jai. Will be spending the night at Bel's place.. Got home a lil late cause of a small prob - the black oil in my engine was running terribly low, and there was this foul smell coming from the engine.. I was low on cash too ( cause of the lunch )! =P Still, thank God the petrol station was still open, and a million thanks to my dad who's now in Vietnam, but was still able to tell me what to do with the car. Love him loads! And thanks Eunice, for the extra cash! Wouldn't have made it back without em'!

God's been so kind to me. January came to an end, and it was the best January I've had since, ever! Ahh, I love my life, and the one in it. =D

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Cool! So the weekend was a blast. Apparently the pictures from Adrian's party weren't uploaded yet, so I can't show you any, yet. =D

Howeveerrrr, I have these!

Justin and Me!

Justin, Leon, Eunice and Me!

Well, the weekend was great. Watched Spy next door in Pyramid last Friday, and somehow, miraculously, unfortunately met Zoe! =P

As for Saturday, I had to skip school AND gym, just to go for lunch! With Eunice! Anyway it was worth it, had Manhattan Fish for lunch!Seafood Platter for two!

It was raining cats and dogs the moment I left Ikea. Got back to Eunice's place at 6, showered and chattered a lil, till it was 7.15pm when I received a message from Fariq saying : "Oi! Mana lu?! Semua org tunggu you tau tak?!" Heh, well you know what's next, I left for the party. It was still raining. It rains like every year when it comes to Adrian's party, for three years in a row now! Sadly I had to leave by 11, curfew. Not mine, but yea, heheh. Had to go back early cause of the trip we had earlier on.

Sunday! Went to Sri Petaling for breakfast. Guess what I had?! Frog porridge! Well it was my first. Gosh I ate an amphibian! Anyway it tasted a lil like chicken, so yeah. =D Fabulous. Went to Kuala Pilah, Negri Sembilan to visit Justin.. Ahh, pics are above, so yeah. =D

Ahh, splendid weekend. Check out the grin on my face now! It just proves how long have I been missing out on life. =P

Friday, January 15, 2010


Is it me or is it just that I feel like my best friend's like a stranger to me? I've never had a real one, till you came along.. Why, why act as if nothing's happened?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blogging spirit? =P

Note the date! 10.01.10 =D

Well okay. Second week of college in the year 2010 and I'm already feeling the load! Imagine doing an assignment of more than 50 pages, for just that particular assignment, just that 1 subject. Will be having a short test this Thursday too! Am still unaware of the topic but yea, I'll just wait till it comes to me. After all, that's what I do.

College has been, err, ugh, a blast. =P Jai's coming back from India, after he merrily milked his cows and all. Bel's still so gay, after making an oath to not be gay since October. Well, apparently he failed. Vani's mom came, and I only saw her for what, 2 seconds?! Vani was like, my mom, my mom! Heheh.. Anyway her mom flew home, so God bless. =) And oh, whatever that is circulating amongst the rest of the classmates, nah, don't see it that way. There is really nothing to it, its just people and their imaginative skills altering stories and worsening things. =)

Arsonists! Noooppe, not going to bombard them for their thoughtless act. Lets just all be thankful that no one got hurt, well obviously cause it was committed during midnight, and pray that they'll come back to their senses. Come on, stop the racial demonstrations, rallies and all, sigh. We're 10 years away till 2020, and society hasn't shown its progressiveness. True, society never advances. Ironic eh?

Ahh! Much to look forward to, again!
Monday -> Lunch =P
Tuesday - Thursday -> Gym, and probably a lil car wash
Friday -> Movie!
Saturday -> Shopping maybe? And Adrian's Party!
Sunday -> Visiting a friend at NS =D

Hah, what more can I ask for. Cny shopping, this diet thingy going on, life in college with hooligans =P God bless me, I've never felt like this for quite some time!

Ohh P/s : Anyone who wants to go to Adrian's party, pleaaasee feel free! Its an open invitation. =)

That's bout it, toodles!