Sunday, January 17, 2010


Cool! So the weekend was a blast. Apparently the pictures from Adrian's party weren't uploaded yet, so I can't show you any, yet. =D

Howeveerrrr, I have these!

Justin and Me!

Justin, Leon, Eunice and Me!

Well, the weekend was great. Watched Spy next door in Pyramid last Friday, and somehow, miraculously, unfortunately met Zoe! =P

As for Saturday, I had to skip school AND gym, just to go for lunch! With Eunice! Anyway it was worth it, had Manhattan Fish for lunch!Seafood Platter for two!

It was raining cats and dogs the moment I left Ikea. Got back to Eunice's place at 6, showered and chattered a lil, till it was 7.15pm when I received a message from Fariq saying : "Oi! Mana lu?! Semua org tunggu you tau tak?!" Heh, well you know what's next, I left for the party. It was still raining. It rains like every year when it comes to Adrian's party, for three years in a row now! Sadly I had to leave by 11, curfew. Not mine, but yea, heheh. Had to go back early cause of the trip we had earlier on.

Sunday! Went to Sri Petaling for breakfast. Guess what I had?! Frog porridge! Well it was my first. Gosh I ate an amphibian! Anyway it tasted a lil like chicken, so yeah. =D Fabulous. Went to Kuala Pilah, Negri Sembilan to visit Justin.. Ahh, pics are above, so yeah. =D

Ahh, splendid weekend. Check out the grin on my face now! It just proves how long have I been missing out on life. =P

Friday, January 15, 2010


Is it me or is it just that I feel like my best friend's like a stranger to me? I've never had a real one, till you came along.. Why, why act as if nothing's happened?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blogging spirit? =P

Note the date! 10.01.10 =D

Well okay. Second week of college in the year 2010 and I'm already feeling the load! Imagine doing an assignment of more than 50 pages, for just that particular assignment, just that 1 subject. Will be having a short test this Thursday too! Am still unaware of the topic but yea, I'll just wait till it comes to me. After all, that's what I do.

College has been, err, ugh, a blast. =P Jai's coming back from India, after he merrily milked his cows and all. Bel's still so gay, after making an oath to not be gay since October. Well, apparently he failed. Vani's mom came, and I only saw her for what, 2 seconds?! Vani was like, my mom, my mom! Heheh.. Anyway her mom flew home, so God bless. =) And oh, whatever that is circulating amongst the rest of the classmates, nah, don't see it that way. There is really nothing to it, its just people and their imaginative skills altering stories and worsening things. =)

Arsonists! Noooppe, not going to bombard them for their thoughtless act. Lets just all be thankful that no one got hurt, well obviously cause it was committed during midnight, and pray that they'll come back to their senses. Come on, stop the racial demonstrations, rallies and all, sigh. We're 10 years away till 2020, and society hasn't shown its progressiveness. True, society never advances. Ironic eh?

Ahh! Much to look forward to, again!
Monday -> Lunch =P
Tuesday - Thursday -> Gym, and probably a lil car wash
Friday -> Movie!
Saturday -> Shopping maybe? And Adrian's Party!
Sunday -> Visiting a friend at NS =D

Hah, what more can I ask for. Cny shopping, this diet thingy going on, life in college with hooligans =P God bless me, I've never felt like this for quite some time!

Ohh P/s : Anyone who wants to go to Adrian's party, pleaaasee feel free! Its an open invitation. =)

That's bout it, toodles!