Sunday, February 21, 2010

Speaking of being ecstatic!

Ahhhhhhhhhh! I want to go to Redang Island! Mmmmmphhh! This june, I hope. =S

Friday, February 19, 2010


This part of my life have you coloured.. And I'm glad that I've told you what was untold. At least, I felt at ease. That was the easy part.. Us, not to say the hard part, well, say, the challenging part. Aahh.. =)

There goes being single! Hmm, should I still wear the 'Singleman' shirt? =P

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Ugh.. Imagine yourself walking down a pathway, and at the end of the road, were 2 more roads, and both pathways lead to similar pros and cons.

That, is how I feel at this very minute. I don't know which decision to make, cause I already have what I've been wanting for all these while.. I just can't decide. I have 23 hours left to make up my mind, or wait for another month for this opportunity to come by..

Yes, its Valentines Day. And I, have 2 choices in mind. Gee.. Fantastic..

Monday, February 1, 2010

Food frenzy!!

Foooooooood!!! Well yea, Chinese New Year is just 14 days away, and my oath to obey my strict diet eventually succumbed to the temptation of these salivating, mouth watering foods! Anyway I usually pamper myself with food on Mondays, just Mondays. Went to Subang Parade today. Went to Swensens to be precise, with Eunice! Well it was her first time there, so yea, plus I'm familiar with Subang, so, yea. =D

Well, here are, just a few pics actually. Heh!

Cheese baked rice served with chicken! ( Swensens )

I kinda messed up the order of the pictures, cause there were pictures taken on 2 different occasions, so, yea =D
Chocolate Banana Waffle ( FBI - Food Beverage & Ice ) Restaurant

Shrimp Salad ( Swensens ) This one's pretty good!

Chocolate Banana Shaved Ice ( FBI ) Restaurant. Fantastic one!!
The good old Banana Split! ( Swensens )
This one cost me Rm20! Heheh..

Apparently rich dudes in Subang aren't afraid of Grand Theft Auto, cause I saw two Ferraris, Porsche Cayman, Hummer H3, Nissan GTR 35, a few BMW M3s, the latest Audi TT, and God knows what other cars were there. And they were all seen in Subang Parade! Gee! I'm envious. I want one of those mentioned above!! Ahhh!

Hmm, I bought 3 clothes and a jeans, in conjunction with CNY. Still thinking of buying a few more tops.. And ugh, I don't think I'll be wanting another guitar. Not for now, at least. Tight on cash =S

House is under renovation. Mom wants the kitchen extended, so yea, dad agreed to it, heheh.. Mom's going to buy a new fridge and a new washing machine! She gets all the gadgets she wants eh. Hehe! Anyway, I'm eager to see the new kitchen. Even the kitchen has an air conditioner now!

Oh well, am supposed to do my assignment with Bel and Jai. Will be spending the night at Bel's place.. Got home a lil late cause of a small prob - the black oil in my engine was running terribly low, and there was this foul smell coming from the engine.. I was low on cash too ( cause of the lunch )! =P Still, thank God the petrol station was still open, and a million thanks to my dad who's now in Vietnam, but was still able to tell me what to do with the car. Love him loads! And thanks Eunice, for the extra cash! Wouldn't have made it back without em'!

God's been so kind to me. January came to an end, and it was the best January I've had since, ever! Ahh, I love my life, and the one in it. =D