Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Of wisdom..

Hmm.. Say there's a uh, no not one, two beautiful hens, and not too far from the hens stood the breeder. But of course, being the breeder, raising those two beautiful hens, all those time spent raising the hens comes down to a point where the breeder has to put the hens on sale. Nah, its not a story, just, imagine.

So one day, whilst feeding the hens, a potential buyer comes up to the breeder and says "Hey, I'd like to buy a hen, one that is healthy, good looking and lays good eggs." The breeder recommended his two best hens. A lil bit of talking here and there, comparisons were drawn as the potential buyer got to know the hens more and more, say, for 2 weeks they negotiated. Finally, the buyer bought the prettier, more healthy looking and active hen. But not the one the breeder recommended. He was very happy with the hen though. He wakes up every morning, and the first thing that came to his (potential buyer) mind was the hen he bought. He would, sometimes, spend the whole day with his hen!

Nevertheless, the breeder was disappointed that his best hen was not bought. The breeder was not happy that the buyer chose appearance over, well, personality perhaps. Remember, I'm being metaphoric. The hen that was never bought felt sad, cause she knew from the start when she saw the buyer, and being compared to as the top 2 hens of the breeder, she knew that all hope was gone. There was nothing in for her.

As time goes by, the hen that was bought felt proud to be with her new owner, hence the hard headedness surfaced. Many years of raising the hen came to an abrupt disclosure of a streamline of negative impressions. The breeder was terribly saddened by his findings. Although the breeder knew that the sold hen was not the best choice despite its appearance, he had better not divulge all that he felt to the buyer.

Heh.. Am sorry to be metaphoric, I cannot reveal names nor anything in between. Its just, a sad thing to see you treat others like that. It's a thing that I've learned to cope with since the day I got to know you. But its just going overboard. Where's the wisdom, wait, has education not brought you any wisdom ever since stepping into kindergarten? Of what use is a pretty face, if deep down you're not what you are as seen by the likes of us? We have feelings and emotions too. Whatever you do unto others, be sure to think twice before acting upon it. Heh.. All these years, futility. I feel hopeless seeing what I thought was a good friend of mine, in turn, all that I could feel was:


Sunday, March 28, 2010


Mmm.. What I feel for you is too great to even abuse it..
It's just nice.
Tucking you to bed, putting you to sleep..
Satisfaction. =)

Monday, March 22, 2010


Every time I heard a rattle I thought it was you.
How I wish you could feel how I felt when you weren't there..
Then you would understand..
I never got to sleep the whole while..

Ugh.. What a dreadful day. Thought it was going to be a blissful one, but nah, I disappoint myself. Just finished badminton.. Don't feel like eating.. Presentation tomorrow.. Mmph.. I'll just, sleep..

Btw, all the best for tomorrow's run k.. Don't force yourself to it, just do your best.. Ily, nights..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Port Dickson!

Aaaahhhh! "Exams, a month away.. Chill.." That was what I told myself a fortnight ago. Now? Shit. Exam's 2 weeks away! Time flies, like literally! March is coming to an end.. Oh whatever, don't want to beat myself up because of exams and all. On the bright side of it, semester 2 will end in two weeks time. Now isn't that a more pleasant approach compared to, exams in two weeks? =P

Port Dickson. Not an ideal place to walk on the beach nor swim in it, but this place, where I'm currently staying says otherwise. It's called 'The Legend Water Chalet.' Villas built on ocean bed, completely furnished with an INDOOR swimming pool and a see-through glass on the floor.. Very well designed.. In fact its fully booked now. There were no parking spots left for us to park our car after dinner.. 3 days 2 nights stay, and we did nothing on the second day. All I did was I had a short swim shortly after waking up, sauna-ed for, say, 10 minutes? Then jumped in the 4-feet-deep pool after sauna-ing.. Had KFC for lunch, and tonnes of other junk food. But hey, I lost 1.3kgs without passing motion despite eating that much. All the more reasons to eat more fried chickens..

Mmph.. Aduh, Carol oh Carol. Your latest blogpost was sooooo long! Anyway I feel happy for the 2 of you.. Try not to be jealous much k. Hehe!

Monday, come quick! I want to see youuuuuuuuuu! Its been 2 days now. Heh..

To 08's 5Cemerlang, keep me updated bout the Redang Trip or wherever our destination is for June's holiday k! And make sure its between 5th-20th of June k! Look forward to it! =)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ugh, college has been, awkward. Semester two is coming to an end, and I'm thankful for it. That means there's a month more for me to get the heck out of college and continue gymming! Its a sad thing being loaded with assignments and not having much time to go to the gym. Beats me to see myself ballooning back to what I was before. But nah, I don't 'hot-hot chicken shit', so don't use that against me. I have a life.

Presentation's over! Dockets, I have. All the more reasons to skip class. Bwahah! Mom's in Philippines, dad will be coming back from Vietnam/Indonesia tonight, and my brother drove the Audi to tuition. I was like, shit, he's driving.

Will be going back to school this Friday to get my SPM Cert.. Hopefully, with a group of friends.. Then prolly a tour around the school and greet friends, stuff like that.

Ahh.. February ended just like that. Its towards the middle of March now, and exam's on the 29th. 3rd semester will start the week after. I want to go for holidays! Ugh, I miss Langkawi..

Anyways, I've gotta get going. Group discussion coming up and I still haven't taken my shower! =D

Sry for the late updates anyway, very busy. =x