Thursday, November 25, 2010

A lost bet

Alright, simple enough. I lost a bet with Eunice, in which I am required to blog about the most memorable moment we spent together.

Okay okay, save your enthusiasm. Go hype out somewhere else. Heeee.. Alright so here goes.

The most memorable moment I spent with Eunice was, well, it had to be the time when we sat down by the brown sandy beach in Pantai Cenang, Pulau Langkawi, just as it started to drizzle. I had no clue to why we actually spent time talking to each other under the rain, but heck, it was so, so, so romantic! Prior to that scene, we were having beach soccer! It was just the few of us playing anyway, until it started to drizzle. The rest of the guys did not want to get wet, so yah, they went into their chalets, played poker cards instead. I was about to do the same until Eunice said she wanted to play under the rain. I think I got 'dared' to do it though. Hehe! Sorry am being in denial. =P.

And so I did. I agreed to accompany her that one night, by the beach. It wasn't long though, how sad. We sat for a few minutes, played sands, had a handful of conversations, then the rain started to really pour. Screw you rain! So she had to go back in. And so I shouted *Oiii I love you!*, in my heart of course. Hahah just kidding!

I stayed there though. Not wanting to go back to my own chalet. And so I laid on my back by the beach as the currents gushed up towards my ARMPIT! Nahhhh, not that high up. Teehee! Moving on, yep, you must be wondering why on earth I decided to stay there, lying on my back. I was merely in deep thoughts. I kept convincing myself that I did feel something. Something new, something special, something extraordinary. I told myself to give this a chance, to give us a chance. It was all that seemed right at that very moment. She came in at precisely the very moment I needed to experience something new. So I spent a few more minutes just lying down by the beach, counting stars, singing songs, and thinking deep. It was a decision I never regretted!

It was a decision that led me, to you. <3

What made today, today

To be frank, I think I just spent 2 hours on a roller coaster ride, a ride of emotions.

It was actually very, very dreadful. It wasn't mind boggling, no. Nor was it an enjoyable thing to do. Yeah, you were brilliant. The way you blurted it all over your 'diary' actually made me 'time-travelled'. It was, that damn good. Heh.. Then again, today wouldn't sum up to the way it is had I stayed happy! It wasn't something I would regret, but nah, I'm glad it happened.

It was in May, wasn't it? When it seemed like the world just came crashing down on you, burying all the little fantasies that were going round and round in that head of yours. Uh huh, it did. Truthfully, I had no idea. There's a saying that 'Guys are more interested in the chase, rather than the catch'. True enough, I firmly believe there are many out there who live their lives based on that thesis. Heh, you have no idea how many though. Perhaps almost all.

Blah, I know it was too much for you to handle. I've seen it all, I've read it all, I've felt it all. Perhaps I've not seen things in your perspective, the way you see things as it is. I took many things for granted in which, in many cases will go unknown to me. But I'm thankful to know at least a few things that I may have overlooked. And for that I'm grateful. I saw how miserable your life was, all because of me. I saw how jubilant you were, because of me too. I somewhat feel like, being your chauffeur. Not just by the wheel, but I hope, I'll be your chauffeur in all ways possible in your life. I want to drive you crazy.

I never knew you could hang on to me for so long. I know that you've gone an extra mile just trying to obliterate my face off your brains. You never succeeded. Heh.. I admire your strength, your courage, and your perseverance. They say good things come in small packages, and you are the living proof of that saying! Whoever came up with that proverb should see you eh? Hee.. He'd be astonished, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I still remember when I asked you for your blog url. You gave me Seriously, 慢慢等?! I guess I wasn't paying much attention to it, so I just typed it in the address bar. Then only I realized it was a joke. Oh and to those who don't know what man man deng is, it means 'Slowly Wait'. Heh.. It's directly translated from mandarin, so yah, you all get it. Not to say that I'm in denial, but I think I was really busy doing something else, thus paying less attention to it. She still laughs at it whenever I bring that up though. Heh.. It was a hard punch to my face, really. I'm not easily fooled k =P. And she did a good job pulling it off, cause I was busy doing my own thing! Ish, she took advantage of it and really, it was embarrassing, very very embarrassing. Anyway good job hun, you tricked me!

Heh.. Hun, really, tell me. What on earth are you made of? I'd like to see someone of your calibre, someone, at least, half of who you are. Other than my mom that is, haha! You know, I wish I could take back whatever I threw at you over the years, since getting to know you. You are such a sponge! You absorb every darn thing! Nevertheless, I bet it was all worth it ei? Of all the big things that you have done for me, and yet the little things seem to matter more. I love you kay? ;)

I pursue all the good things life has to offer. I don't wait for it to come to me. It does apply to certain things in life, and I acknowledge it.