Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A purrrrfect weekend!

Alright. So much has been explained by the title itself. What made it a perfect weekend? Well, I insanely, insanely love cars. The faster the cars, the more enthusiastic I go. Don't believe me? Have me seated in your car and when a supercar passes by, you'll know how freakishly enthralled I get.

Ohgay, so! It was the 7th International Automotive Show, held in Putra World Trade Center, hence the short name PWTC. Oh just so you know, my awesome dad designed the kitchen for PWTC. That was what, a couple of years before I was born? Damn. Cool.

Moving on, the automotive show lured tens of thousands of horse enthusiasts! Horsepower nontheless. Car freaks, photographers, models and you name it! Everyone was there. It was verrrrry much overcrowded. Anyway, let the pictures do the talking aite?

That many people, all purchasing tickets or filling up lucky draw forms. It was around 3pm, Sunday the 7th.

See? That many people went! Imagine how much they could've earned just by selling tickets! It's Rm20 per head, just so you know.

Before entering PWTC. The Ferrari Club KL.
*Note the Ambulance? Yah. Someone might just faint seeing that many ferraris all lined up.*

Personally, this stood out amongst the Ferraris. Perhaps the colour played a role innit?

The rest of the Ferraris.

And more Ferraris. This one belongs to that kid. Yes, I'm not kidding.
Okay I was kidding. ;)

See how much attention the Ferraris got?

Chevrolet Cruze!

Perodua Infinite. Essentially a Myvi, so yeah. Wait for the New Myvi to come out though.

Bumblebee! Chevrolet Camaro! Sexaay!

Hot, hot ass! No, not the model. Just the car. No wait, I changed my mind. They're both hot. HAHA

3 Camaros! Niceee!

A 400k Car. You'd be better off getting the GTR-35. Sexy, nontheless.
Yeah, be amazed-not. Its a Proton. I can never understand why they showcased this car. It's called the Evolusi-G, whereby G stands for? Gullwing? No that's the door. Garbish! This is not worth displaying. Disappointing, Proton!
Ahhhh! Nissan GTR-35! GTR-35 baby!!

I really have no clue as to how Nissan can make a better car than this. How can it better this car?!
Behold the monstrous Nissan. I'll get one, I swear. Don't laugh, I'm serious.
Proton Jebat! Yes, Proton. Heavily modified Proton Inspira, or Mitsubishi Evo 10, so you say.
Side view of the Proton Jebat.
There were others though, Proton Tuah, Lekir, Lekiu and this, the Jebat. Jebat was the most beautiful anyway. 'nuff said.
Kia Optima, the 2004-05 batch. That was then, check the new one out.

The all new Kia Optima. SEXY! Well done Kia! Great work by Peter Schreyer, once a designer for Audi.
Rear view of the Optima. Thinking of getting one? Yea. Get it. Hot car!
Another good product of Kia! The Kia Forte Koup! 2-Doored version of the Original Forte.

Maserati! *Speechless* Awesome? Very.

Oh that model? Pay Rm15 to take pictures with her! And all of Naza Italia's car. So worth it. The money goes to Charity though. :)
Ferrari 458 Italia. HOT!!!

Rolls Royce! My dad sat in it once. *Drools*

Aston Martin and Lamborghini! Who wouldn't want to drive one?!

The Toyota FT-HS. Said to be a replacement for Toyota Celica. Has 400bhp I heard? Cool.

Honda Civic! Yup, Civic. Europe model though, so don't be surprised. :)

Ahhh, I think I spent around 4 hours walking, no wait, squeezing through PWTC. It was very much enjoyable. I went with dad though. Just him and me. We had fun! I was drained though, so so exhausted. I slept after having lunch with dad at SS2, had yong tau foo. Heh, thanks dad! Love ya heaps!

So my awesome mom went to cooking class today, yes, cooking class. She's not a newbie, if that's what you're thinking. She does cook, but over the past years I've eaten the same dishes over and over, so I politely told mom that I got bored of home cooked food. But my mom took it well, she enjoyed cooking more than she ever did! Somehow I regret telling her to learn to cook - more dishes. You know, I became fat because my mom used to bake like hell, sometimes 2 cakes a week! Well that was 10 years back, so I don't blame her anyway. Heh. So here are a few pictures I took during our dinner.

Curry chicken.

Curry Lamb. I've been eating Lamb since last Saturday! Oh help me! I need fat burning pills now. :(

Ooooooh pasta! With mushrooms, lil bit of chillies and what not.

And last but not least, my dinner plate. HAHAH! I'm soooo not professional at this. I wouldn't want to be one too anyway. I'll stick to being a car enthusiast. :D

Well, that pretty much sums up my week. Awesome! I repeat, awesome! I remember how I used to annoy my mother using that word 'Awesome'. She thinks I watched too much tv. HAHA! Awesome mommy, awesome! Ohh, time to find my 'g-friend' now. Hee! Buhbye!